Rwandan Ambassador, Eugene Richard Gasana Fired, for Belittling US Ambassador Power or Due to In-house Scandals?

UN Security Council Members Were Dismayed by Rwandan Ambassador Gasana's Demeanor

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On August 10, 2016, Rwandan dictator General Paul Kagame has fired Rwandan UN Ambassador Eugene Richard Gasana. According to sources in Rwanda,  the ambassador was expected to be recalled, but not fired. Hence firing the ambassador came as a surprise.

On Monday March 21, 2016,   Ambassador Eugene Richard Gasana, a close confident and alleged business associate of Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame, transformed the United Nations Security Council into a circus during a debate on Conflict and Peace in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (see here). Rwandan

Ambassador Gasana, reacting to comments made by US Ambassador Power,  praising Rwanda for its remarkable progress since the 1994 civil war and criticizing General Paul Kagame for oppressing his people,  made a raging attack on  Ambassador Power. Ambassador Power had  remarked that “the continued absence of political space — the inability of individuals and journalists to discuss political affairs or report on issues of public concern — poses a serious risk to Rwanda’s future stability.”  Ambassador Eugene Gasana, wagging a finger,  belittled  Ambassador Power and  uttered that Ambassador Power  should not “confuse her name with her assignment,” before adding that “Ms Power doesn't have power over Rwanda.”  and that no one  is allowed to  criticize the Rwandan dictator General Paul, whom he called  “this very precious man” and “[his] hero.". He then threatened the UN Security council with the words: "Don't ever dare, ever, to treat him that way.”

Ambassador Power ignored him. In fact, in diplomatic circles in New York  Ambassador Eugene Gasana, who also, while based in New York,  was  Rwandan Minister of State for Cooperation was famous for his  erratic behaviors and sudden bursts of emotions and speeches full of verbal violence, finger wagging, disdain, and utter arrogance. Hence, only UN outsiders  were shocked by  Ambassador Gasana's rambling and insults and sarcasms  heaped on US Ambassador Samantha Power.

After the UN Security Council incident, many expected Ambassador Gasana to stay for a while and be reassigned to another country or keep his cabinet position, to save his face while at same time pleasing the United States government.

Then, Ambassador Gasana recently made another mistake. A Rwandan tabloid wrote that Eugene Gasana may be the biological father of one of  Rwandan General Paul Kagame's children. As usual, the short tempered Eugene Gasana published a lengthy statement denying being the biological father of the child and asking the tabloid to retract the story and apologize to him and to General Paul Kagame's wife, Janet.

Many observers wondered why a UN Ambassador and cabinet minister made such an official  statement reacting to a tabloid's article. According to sources in Rwanda, this incident has embarrassed General Kagame and may have precipitated his decision to fire one of his closest aides and business associate, in line with the biblical proverb: "Honoring a fool is as foolish as tying a stone to a slingshot.", even if the fool was there to honor the dictator.