Top 10 Most Dominant Male Athletes of All Time:

  • American Football: Jerry Rice?
  • Auto Racing:  Schumacher?
  • Baseball: Bebe Ruth?
  • Basket Ball: Michael Jordan
  • Boxing: Mohammad Ali?
  • Golf: Tiger Woods?
  • Hockey: Wayne Gretszky?
  • Soccer: Pele
  • Tennis: Pete Sampras? 
  • Track and Field: Ussein Bolt

 The modern Olympic Games were launched in 1896. However, the first Afro to win a medal is 

George Poage.     In 1904, George Poage  won third place in both 200-meter and 400-meter hurdles.
He attended the University of Wisconsin. Since then, scores of afros have excelled in Olympic Games.

J.B. Taylor: the first Afro to win a gold medal. This was in 1908, in London in the 1,600-meter relay as part of the
                     United States of America  team.
DeHart Hubard: the second Afro to win a gold medal. This was  in 1924, in Paris, in the long jump competition.

Eddie Tolan: the first Afro to win two gold medals. This was in Los-Angeles in 1932, for the 100-meter and
                     200-meter dashes.

In Olympic Games of 1936, held in Berlin, Germany:

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