AroniSmartInvest and AroniSmartIntelligence Stock Market Sentiment Machine Learning and NLP Analysis: Update on Market Sentiment and Highlighted Stocks as of July 26, 2022

Sentiment Positivity and Key Stocks July 26, 2022

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As the first month of Q3 2022 is almost ending, the the stock market remains highly volatile. The volatility has continued to increase following some positive trends observed in the first three weeks of July 2022.   In early July  2022, AroniSmart™ team, leveraging the NLP, Text and Sentiment Analysis,  Machine Learning, Data Science,  Time Series  and Support Vector Machine capabilities and Dominance Analysis of AroniSmartInvest ™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™ tools, looked at the stock market news and trends. The volatility of the stock market has continued  and  both national and worldwide events and economic situation had worsened the market dynamics, with the key indices being  increasingly  heavily negatively impacted. On July 26, 2022  AroniSmart™ team updated the analysis. From the latest analysis, the team came up with insights and highlights on key stocks and the market sentiment  driving the dynamics of the stock market as  Q3 2022 progresses. 

Key Insights based on AroniSmart Analysis

The dynamics observed since late Q1 2022 - early Q2 2022  remain the main drivers of the persistent,  and at times worsening,  volatility of the stock market. The factors captured in the Machine Leanring of sentiment analysis remain the persistent inflation,  Federal Reserve Bank interest rates policies, Russia-Ukraine war, the worries about  China's economy,  and the projected economic performance  of major corporations. 

The insights are telling. The sentiment positivity remains below 50,  at around 47.  The challenges in the stock market have almost spared no stock, across all market segments. In the recent weeks, after rising from the historical losses, the U.S. stock prices seemed to bounce back, before being dragged down again. The previous analysis by AroniSmart Team highlighted  the fact that, until recently, the stock market bottom reached in 2020 was believed to be the worst, before, at some point, the U.S. stocks experienced historical weekly losses, with Dow Jones suffering the longest losing streak in recent history, apparently the worst since 1932. 

Nevertheless, there still is the probability of a market stabilization over Summer,  despite  persistent deep uncertainties and the fears of a recession.

 In the previous analysis, AroniSmart stock segment analysis shows that,  for all the segments,  the following changes  were negative: changes from 52 week high,  changes from 50 days, and changes from 200 days. In the current analysis, the changes from 50 days have become positive, confirming the positive trends over the first three weeks of July 2022.  The example of  the stock price trend of AstraZeneca (AZN)  highlights the finding.

Findings from AroniSmartIntelligence and AroniSmartInvest.

Below are the key stocks highlighted and expected to weight heavily on investment decisions and the associated sentiment analysis results.

AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analysis and Stocks - July 26 2022 - Market Profile

Figure 1: AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analysis and Stocks - July 26 2022 - Market Profile for AZN

AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analyisis Stocks - July 26 2022 - Stocks Segmentation - Changes in prices and technicals

Figure 2: AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analysis Stocks - July 26 2022 - Stocks Segmentation: Changes in prices and technicals.

AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analyisis Stocks - July 26 2022

Figure 3: Market Profile: High Performing and Long Growth Stocks - Sample

AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analyisis Stocks  Tags - July 26 2022

Figure 4 : AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analysis and Word Tags - July 26 2022

AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analyisis Stocks - July 26 2022

Figure 5: AroniSmartIntelligence Sentiment Analyisis Stocks and Word Tags and Positivity - July 26 2022


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