No Doubt in My Mind Trump Will Win, Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran Tells CNN

Barbara Corcoran Talks to CNN's Erin Burnett

US Politics
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"Donald Trump will win ... No doubt in my mind, " Shark Tank star and multimillionaire real estate  magnate Barbara Corcoran told CNN Erin Burnett, on Saturday (see CNN video, here). Admitting that Trump may be not be the best president, Barbara Corcoran said, he nevertheless deserves credit.

Barbara Corcoran, 67,  has known Donald Trump, 69, in her mid-twenties, when both, young, were starting in the real estates businesses. 

 "I do not think so[he would make a good president]" because "there are traits that have to be part of any great leader,  that just do not exist:  fairness,  fairplay, no bullying, no name calling, creating consensus with the population that has the great diversity, not making people divided and hating each other, ...".

But Barabara, believing that Donald Trump is great salesman, affirms that Trump, she has closely known for four decades, will certainly be elected the next US President, come November, 2016.

Well, in 5 months, the US citizens and the World will know whether Barbara Corcoran is right.