US 2020 Presidential Elections: President Trump Seemingly Supported by Some Key Black Rappers, including Yeezy, Weezy, 50 Cent, and Ice Cube

Donald Trump and Lil Wayne, Oct 28, 2020: "Feeling Connected"

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A few days before the highly contested 2020 US Presidential elections, President Donald Trump has picked up an endorsement from another famous Hip-Hop Rap artist. Cash Money superstar Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., appeared to endorse President Trump in a tweet on Thursday October 29, 2020. The Black Rappers alleged to have support or having supported President Trump's candidacy know include Kanye West, known as Yeezy,  Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known as Weezy, Curtis James Jackson III, known as 50 Cent, and O'Shea Jackson, known as Ice Cube

In a tweet, that quickly went viral, Lil Wayne is shown posing in picture  with his thumbs up, alongside the president. In the tweet, Lil Wayne
(here ) said:

"Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done. 🤙🏾"

Lil Wayne’s tweet immediately drew heated responses and backlashes from fans and others on social media. Some referred to other recent endorsements from Black stars rappers, arguing that wealthy rappers  are aligning with President Trump for selfish reasons.  The president’s supporters have warmly welcomed the endorsements as the proof of how much President Trump  has done for the Black community.

Lil Wayne has become a source of controversies dating many years back

In the past, he told media, that there is “no such thing as racism” given that his fans include people from all races, and many white fans among them. In 2016, he criticized Black Lives Matter movement, saying: “I don't feel connected to a damn thing that aint got nothin to do with me."

Ice Cube: Working with whoever is in power

Ice Cube defended working with President Trump in a tweet, trying to make a case about working with whoever is in power:

I'm done playing this politic [sic] game. Joining sides, to me that, that doesn't get the job done. You know, what gets the job done is to try to make a deal with whoever is in power.

However, when he was questioned, during his appearance on "Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens" why he did not join on  a Zoom call with Kamala Harris, along with others including D.L. Hughley, Snoop Dogg, and Killer Mike, he said that it is because he knew the  show "wasn't going to be productive".

“We had spent a lot of people’s time putting the Contract with Black America together, and I just thought that getting on a Zoom call with 12 other entertainers all shooting what they believe needs to be done, to me wasn’t going to be productive,” he said.

50 Cent: Trump or not Trump?

Earlier in October, 50 Cent, whose actual name is Curtis James Jackson III, in an Instagram post, asked his fans to vote for President Trump, to oppose the tax policies being put forward by the Democratic Candidate, Former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Facing harsh criticisms from Black fans and leaders, including  from his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, 50 Cent backed off and tweeted:"" 👀a what, 😳another spin 💫Fu*k Donald Trump, I never liked him.  🤨for all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history. LOL  @chelseahandler @jimmyfallon.”

He also tweeted that he would not have taken a picture with President Trump, the way Lil Wayne did.

Yeezy: Elections Spoiler or Serious Presidential Candidate?

Kanye West, aka Yeezy, has endorsed President Trump since he met with then-president-elect Trump in December 2016. Afterwards, he  started wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat in 2017. In 2020, he decided to run himself against President Trump (see AfroAmerica Network: Kanye West Launches His Controversial Campaign for 2020 US presidential Elections Before Revealing Next Music Album. ).

However, the critics and many fans suspected that Kanye West's  campaign, which allegedly is run by Republican operatives, aimed at creating rift among Black voters
to move them away from voting for Joe Biden, to increase President Trump's chances of being elected..


@AfroAmerica Network, 2020