Rwandan Mercenaries to Be Sent to Yemen, Sources in Rwanda Allege

Paul Kagame, Louise Mishikiwabo receiving a delegation from the United Arab Emirates in Kigali in June 2015

Middle East
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The Rwandan Government is considering sending demobilized Rwandan Defenses Forces (RDF) soldiers and surrendered former Rwandan rebels to prop troops fighting in Yemen up, sources in Kigali tell AfroAmerica Network. According to the sources, the agreement is still under discussion between Rwandan officials and  negotiators from the coalition in the Middle East fighting

the Islamist Houthi rebels in Yemen. The sources said that Rwandan soldiers would be used a mercenaries. They would be paid $1,000 per month, with each soldier keeping $100, his family receiving $100 and the Rwandan Government keeping the remaining $800. 

AfroAmerica Network is still verifying the information.  According to the sources, the deal is being negotiated by Defense Minister General James Kabarebe and Infrastructure Minister James Musoni. Those being recruited are told that their job will be to secure strategic places and government buildings in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. However, another source close to James Musoni has told AfroAmerica Network that they will be used as mercenaries on the frontline in Yemen.

"Have you watched the american show [NDLR: Tyrant on Fx] ? Well, some Rami in the Middle East is recruiting African mercenaries, perhaps Rwandan Defense Forces being one division. The initial plan on the table is to send between 2,000 and 5,000  Rwandan  mercenaries. How will this end? we do not know?" the source in Kigali told AfroAmerica Network.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has been courting the leaders in the Middle East, Russia and South East Asia recently, as the support in the West, especially in Great Britain and the United States has waned. His efforts  to court Middle-East leaders and Russia have been increased following the overwhelming condemnation by Western governments of his decision to change the constitution of his country to run for forbidden terms when his current term expires in 2017.