France-Rwanda: Who is on the List of Rwandans Living in France transmitted to Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Paul Kagame in Rwanda?

French President Emmanuel Macron Receives Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Paris on May 17, 2021

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On May 26-27, 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Rwanda. During the visit, questions were raised on why the sudden visit to Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame, after more than 25 years of overt diplomatic and economic conflicts. Then AfroAmerica Network sources close to the Rwandan and Mozambican governments provided some information on the reason behind the rapprochement: the on-going civil war in Mozambique. After the visit, Rwandan troops, in which French troops are allegedy embedded, deployed into Mozambique (see: ). However there is more. As one of the favors for his help in Mozambique, Paul Kagame transmitted a list of people living in France and wanted by the Rwandan government.  The list, viewed by AfroAmerica Network sources close to Paul Kagame's high office,  is complex and includes three virtual groups: the known names of those under prosecution in French courts and hence expected,  unexpected names of those accused of various crimes, and misleading names.

According to AfroAmerica Network sources close to Paul Kagame's high office, the list transmitted to Emmanuel Macron and his office is highly sensitive and is a work of high level propaganda, disinformation, and manipulation by Rwandan Department of Military Intelligence (DMI). In fact, it includes names listed to create diversion, while only targeting specific individuals, especially those active in opposition to the Rwandan dictator.  This list includes people from the two main Rwandan ethnic groups, Hutu and Tutsi.

Known and Expected Names

The top of the list includes the  names of those already being  tried or having been tried in French courts, or arrested in France with the connection of the crimes and genocide committed in Rwanda in 1994. According to AfroAmerica Network, these names are at the top of the list to mislead French government, by giving impression that all the people on the list are connected to the 1994 crimes committed in Rwanda.  This argument will be easy since during his visit to Rwanda,  Emmanuel Macron, although falling short of fully admitting responsibilities, said that France bore overwhelming responsibilities  in 1990-1994 Rwandan civil war.  



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Unexpected Names:  A Mix of Relatives, Activists and Others Accused of Different Crimes

The second part of the list, although not easy to distinguish as the names are just part of the main list, includes public figures and figures less known. However there are clear traits among these people. The fist obvious sub-group includes close relatives of those of above, who are known and expected.

The  second sub-group includes those accused of crimes, mostly embezzlement and various criminal misconducts,  in Rwanda or on properties belonging to the Rwandan government  in various countries,  before freeing to France. There are some well known critics of the Rwandan government in various medial channels and outlets,  such as social media, radio, journals and YouTube TV. According to AfroAmerica sources, some of those in this sub-group, if they are from Hutu ethnic group,  will also be accused of participating in the 1994 crimes, on top of the other crimes. 

Misleading Names: Rwandan Patriotic Front Members and their Relatives

 One surprising part of the list includes names that would not be expected. First, there is a sub-group of former Rwandan Patriotic Army and their relatives, including spouses. One part is clear given that some of the names are well known for their actions or statements condemning the Paul Kagame and Rwandan  Patriotic Front and their vicious roles in the 1990-1994 Rwandan tragedy.

However,  the other sub-group includes completely unknown names, before the list was leaked. Following investigations by AfroAmerica NEtwork it appears these names are just those of  Rwandan intelligence agents who, supposedly fled to France, with the mission to track closely the actions of the individuals on the list and continually report on them. Once, and if the extradition of all the individuals on the list  by France government is successful, the mission of these agents will be accomplished.  They will be realeased and disappear completely from public, ready for other missions or a lucrative retirement

What is next: Will France grovennment extradite all, some or  none of the indivuals on the list and if so, when?

AfroAmerica Network is still following the story and checking  some names and the list for completeness .


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