Emmanuel Macron, 39: Elected French President

Emmanuel Macron wins France presidential elections

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As predicted by AfroAmerica Network, Emmanuel Macron, 39,  has won the  second round of the French presidential elections, based on the latest votes count, with more to 80% ballots in.

 With the win,  Emmanuel Macron will become the youngest French President of the modern era. He has beaten the right wing extremist, Marine Lepen. According to the latest estimates, Emmanel Macron has secured 66.1% of the votes, against 33.9% for Marine Lepen. The win brought a sight of relief to most leaders and peoples around the World who had feared that Marine Lepen's victory would expand a trend of isolationists and extremists winning elections in Europe, hence threatening the very survival of  the European Union (EU) and fueling the rise of xenophobia.

Marine Lepen has already accepted her defeat, claiming to have built a solid foundation that will allow her  and her followers  to fight on in the future.

Emmanuel Macron, 39, and his wife  BrigitteTrogneux,  64  are  expected to form a formidable couple, to lead France through  challenging times ahead.