DR Congo: David Karambi, Top Leader of Congolese Tutsis Warns Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame Against Invading DRC in a Press Conference

Otto Bahizi, Political advisor to DRC Prime Minister in a meeting of the Community of Hutus, on December 7, 2022

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As of  December 9, 2022, tensions between the leaders of the Hutu  and Tutsi ethnic communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), on one side and the Rwandan regime, on the other,  continue to escalate. The escalation was  recently fueled by warnings against the Rwandan oligarch Paul Kagame and his oligarchy, due to the continued invasion of the DRC, under the cover of M23 rebels. The latest strong remarks were made by David Fati Karambi, a top leader of the Congolese Tutsi Community in Eastern DRC. Meanwhile, following reports by UN  experts confirming attacks and massacres of Congolese civilians and lootiing of minerals, the EU has extended sanctions on leaders of M23 rebels and companies involved in the DRC conflict. 

David Fati Karambi'sremarks build on the strong statements by DRC President Felix Tshisekedi on December 4, 2022, in which he raised the tone against the Rwandan regime, calling it a demoniac system and urging the Congolese to help  Rwandans to overthrow the current Rwandan dictatorship and those by Mr Otto Bahizi, the political and diplomacy advisor to the DRC Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde,  who, on December 7, 2022  expressed his frustration with the Rwandan president and the Rwandan regime and the Congo Tutsis ethnic group.

Building on President Tshisekedi's  and Otto Bahizi's remarks,  Mr  David Karambi , the President of Tutsi Community in North-Kivu  and who hails from Rutshuru, Eastern DRC, and is a member of Congolese Tutsi ethnic group  expressed the feelings of the Tutsi  community and the frustration towards the members of Congolese Tutsi ethnic group  and Tutsis of the region in general who do not want to condemn the invasion of DRC by the Rwandan army, under the cover of M23  and other proxy rebels and militias and the widespread massacres of Congolese Hutus in Eastern DRC (). 

The fact that the Rwandan Defense Forces have been attacking the Democratic Republic of Congo is an open secret. In a meeting with young people in Kigali, Rwanda on February 26, 2020, General Mubaraka Muganga,  the top commander of the Rwandan Defence Forces in the Central and Western Regions of Rwanda, explained the strategy and operations of invading the DRC.

General Mubaraka Muganga said: "Now I'm 50; how can I come home? No, I need to fight the wars there outside the country and win them there, in foreign lands,  not here ... And it's easy to get there; we have Rwanda Air, we don't even walk. We were tired of walking .... The country (Democratic Republic of the Congo) kicked us out  of the “89 times Rwanda” (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and we walked for nine (9) months to reach the border and so on ... 9 months ... But now  from Rwanda Air, we jump and land there ... We finish the job,  come back,  and dance and  celebrate the victories...  (applause) ... So that is the strength of your country .... It is the opportunity your country provides for your security ..... Surely do not go to warm the naked bodies of those people as the war is now fought with the latest technology such as Youtube and so on .... That's the war you have to fight ."   (Rwandan General Mubaraka Muganga Explains Rwandan Government Military and Political Strategy: Sustain Endless wars in DR Congo, Ruling France, and a Tight Grip on The CommonWealth.)

In a statement to the press, Mr David Karambi confirmed the strategy and operations disclosed by General Mubaraka Muganga.

Mr David Karambi said:

"Unlike Kagame and some Tutsis from Rwanda who are looking for problems, we, Tutsis from the Congo, don't have any problems with the Congolese Bantu.

The claims from  RDF (Rwandan Defense Forces) under the cover of M23 Terrorists that they came to defend us, Congolese Tutsis,  are pure lies. Are Willy Ngoma, Bertrand Bisimwa, and Benjamin Mbonimpa Tutsi? How then can they allege that they  came to defend the Tutsis?  Why wouldn't Willy Ngoma start first by defending his own tribe? Same for  Bertrand Bisimwa. Why wouln't Benjamin Mbonimpa  first go and defend his Hutu brothers massacred by RDF in Kishishe?"

This is not the first time, Mr. David Karambi disassociates the Congolese Tutsi from M23 Rebels and the Rwandan invasion. In june 2022, he said:

 "the members of the Tutsi community, because of our physiognomy, we are attributed a Rwandan nationality. We don't want to be treated as a belligerent community because people blame us for the M23 rebel movement for no reason." 

Meanwhile, Otto Bahizi has added to his earlier comments referring to widespread massacres in Eastern DRC committed by M23 rebels and other proxy militias founded, funded, supported, and reinforced by the Rwandan military over decades, such as M23, CRD, CNDP,  Mr. Otto Bahizi  added: 
Who are burried in the mass graves in Rugarama, Kilinga, in the center of Rutshuru? only Hutus are burried there;  Just Hutus...   No Tutsis in those mass graves. I can confirm the fact.  I and General Kasikira conducted deep unbiased and systematic investigations in that area that led us to that conclusion.   

In the recent widespread massacres of Congolese civilians in Kishishe by RDF under the cover of M23, many Congolese ethnic grroups were targeted, including Hunde, Nande, Tembo, Twa,  Hutu, and many more.   That is why need to think twice and unite We must unite together, all ethnic groups and fight against Paul Kagame and his oligarchy."


These statements came as the International Community is shifting its position regarding the invasion of DRC by Rwandan Defense Forces under the cover of M23 rebels.

On Dec 8, 2022, following a prelimary report by the United Nations (UN) Experts,   the EU enacted  sanctions  against  M23 rebels and  minerals  trader Alain François Viviane Goetz, the owner and former director of African Gold Refinery, which is registered in Uganda. The EU  cited the involvement in the attacks and massacres in DRC. A day earlier, the UN accused M23 rebels of massacring 131 Congolese civilians and raping 27 women and girls in Rutshuru region, Eastern DRC,  especially in Kishishe and Bambo villages, now under the control on M23 rebels.


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The statements by David Karambi and Otto Bahizi, building on the speeches by Felix Tshisekedi and Paul Kagame,  continue to fuel the already worsening tension in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, which includes Rwanda and DRC. The intentions of  Felix Tshisekedi and DRC leaders and the potential reaction by the Rwandan leaders, Paul Kagame and his oligarchy, remain worrisome for observers in the regiion, especially those in DRC and Rwanda:

  • Is Felix Tshisekedi plan to invade Rwanda and help overthrow the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame already in action?
  • Will the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame outsmart  Felix Tshisekedi, with insidious schemes, like the way he did for Laurent-Desire Kabila, which ended with the assassination of the DRC leaders?
  • Are Congolese Tutsis shifting towards unifying with other Congolese Bantu and other tribes, especially the Hunde, Nande, Tembo,  Hutu, and Twa to fight against the invasion and stop the systematic massacres of Congolese civilians by Rwandan Defense forces (RDF) and to eventually overthrow Paul Kagame and his oligarchy? 

 Meanwhile,  as in early reports,  sources with the Rwandan Defense Forces and Department of Military Intelligence continue to provide detailed  information to  AfroAmerica Network that, given the deteriorating geopolitical situation in the region and the concerns regarding the condemnations by the international community, Paul Kagame has been reviewing his strategy for his replacement, including designating a new, though  controversial, asset who will replace him, instead of his daughter, Mrs. Ange Kagame, as planned before (see here: Africa - Uganda - Rwanda: Ugandan and Rwandan Longterm Leaders, Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame, Preparing their Son and Daughter for Power Inheritance). 

 AfroAmerica Network is still  closely following the situation and gathering more information.  Expect a report on the evolving dynamics soon.


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