Ailing Rwandan Paul Kagame's Attempts to Cling to Power Through His Daughter Ange Kagame

Rwandan prisoners present a gift to Paul Kagame

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Rwandan Dictator General Paul Kagame has been conspicuously missing from the public eye since April 2020. His absence has sparked and fueled rumors about declining health and even incapacitation.  On October 24, 2015, US Government Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Sarah Sewall during her trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo warned Paul Kagame against clinging to power (see AfroAmerica Network: US Government Against Attempts by Rwandan Paul Kagame to Cling to Power). Since then, General  Paul Kagame ignored the warnings and become president. His healthcare conditions have opened new options to clinging to power, through his daughter Ange Kagame.

Persistent Social Media Rumors.

IIn August 2020, social media pushed rumors even further, highlighting in-fighting for his succession. Others sources, including some in contact with AfroAmerica Network, have dismissed the speculation, saying that life is as normal as possible and no unusual developments in the ruling circles..

General Paul Kagame Has Been Out of the Public and Close Aides Eye for Months

Rumors about Paul Kagame 's health were triggered by his absence at most of the celebrations and government cabinet meeting since April 2020. COVID-19 social distancing was cited as the reason.

To calm the rumors, the office of the president shared the "latest" photos of Paul Kagame, with a big smile. But, there was a weird catch : the exact same picture were used on several occasions in April, June and July, 2020. Besides, all government cabinet communications General Paul Kagame were signed by the current Prime Minister Ngirente, referred to, in government circles, as "Kagame's glorified administrative assistant".

THe question is then: what is going in Rwanda? Is General Paul Kagame very sick and incapacitate or alive and playing games.

AfroAmerica Network has gotten sensitive information from people within the inner circle of General Paul Kagame, including those following the relatives.
This is what we got so far.

General Paul Kagame got gravelly ill in late March 2020. He had ongoing conditions but the situation became suddenly critical. Initially, the severe conditions were attributed to potential COVID-19 infection. However, after thorough exams in the King Faycal hospital in Kigali, the examining doctors were able to rule out virus related symptoms and rather pointed to a possible brain tumor. In April 2020 he was rushed to London, United Kingdom for further medical tests including cells and tissues examination to determine the presence or the extent of the cancer, a process known as biopsy. A brain cancer was confirmed. An initial operation to remove the brain cancer was scheduled for and conducted in May 2020.

Since then, he has secretly been going outside the country, mostly in Cairo Egypt, for chemotherapy and followup procedures. Most people around him are informed that he was travelling to Israel, when the actual trips are in Egypt.

Hopes on General Paul Kagame's Daughter,  Ange Kagame

Meanwhile, his daughter, Ange Kagame, who recently had a baby, was appointed as the only intermediary between her father and other inner circle members or key officials. Hence, Ange Kagame is serving as the de facto interim President. Her security detail has significantly increased, and now includes around the clock 4 cars full of military guards, up from 2 cars from the time before Paul Kagame's current health issues.

According to the sources, recently the daughter has been facing divisions within the army and the inner circle kleptocrats and oligarchy. 

The army has been divided into multiple factions including:

  • Uganda faction composed of former refugees who came from Uganda and is also divided into 2 groups:
    • General Dan Munyuza's faction. General Dan Munyuza is Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Head of Uganda Desk.
    • Gen James Kabarebe's faction. General James Kabarebe is Senior Presidential Adviser on security matters and Head of Democratic Republic of Congo Desk and
  • Ange Kagame's or Burundi faction, composed of former refugees who came from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo and led by General Jean Bosco Kazura, Chief of Defense Staff in Rwandan Defense Forces and head of Burundi desk.
  • Others, with various suspected leaders.

Ange Kagame's Challenges

 Sources tell AfroAmerica Network that Ange Kagame  has long been trained to take over from her father. She is viewed as an extension of General Paul Kagame's attempts to cling to power (see AfroAmerica Network: US Government Against Attempts by Rwandan Paul Kagame to Cling to Power )

But questions remain:

  • How is Ange Kagame going to manage the factions?
  • Will she survive if the father becomes incapacitated?