Rwandan Defence Forces Getting Ready for War Against Burundi and Uganda, according to Sources within Rwandan Military Intelligence.

Rwandan General Paul Kagame and Burundian Pierre Nkurunziza Playing Soccer Before they Became Enemies

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Sources within Rwandan Military Intelligence tell an AfroAmerica Network correspondent in Kigali that Rwandan Military commanders were asked to get ready to invade Burundi and  infiltrate Uganda with the goal to overthrow the governments of Uganda and Burundi in upcoming weeks or months.

The instructions from the Rwandan dictator, General Paul Kagame, to his Minister of Defense and the top commanders of the Western, Northern and Southern Military Regions were to be ready for supporting and assisiting  their insurgents  " in Territories of South (Burundi) and North (Uganda) who are currently engaged  in urgent removals of their dictators (Yoweri Museveni and Pierre Nkurunziza)"

According to the sources, the attacks against the Ugandan and Burundian Governments will cost around 800 Million US dollars,
which would come from looting minerals from Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRD).  The looting of minerals was tasked to General Mubaraka Muganga, the top commander of the Rwandan Defence Forces in the Central  and Western Regions of Rwanda.

Since mid 2019, General Mubaraka Muganga has been leading the attacks in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and
the exploitation of mines of coltan and gold, with the partnership with and support from the current DRC government,
led by Felix Tshisekedi and his former and recently fired and imprisoned Chief of Staff, Vital Kamerhe. Vital Kamerhe, in prison for corruption and embezzlement of $47 millions within 3 months of his ascendence to power,  is a close friend of Rwandan General Kabarebe.

According to General Mubaraka Muganga, during a meeting with young people in Kigali, Rwanda on February 26, 2020 (see here:Rwandan General Mubaraka Muganga Explains Rwandan Government Military and Political Strategy: Sustain Endless wars in DR Congo, Ruling France, and a Tight Grip on The CommonWealth) , the Rwandan Special Forces engaged in the looting and mining operations in Eastern DRC use the the Rwandan airline company, Rwanda Air, to conduct operations without hindrance.

For the military operations in Burundi and Uganda, RDF intends to purchase advanced and sophisticated equipments, including military drones and fighter jets, leveraging partnerships with some countries and foreign companies.

The phases of the attacks against Burundi appear to have already been launched. Sources cite two Burundian political opposition figures, Agathon Rwasa, the deputy speaker of the Parliament and Alexis Sinduhije, whose most active supporters are based in Rwanda, as the main proxies to be used by the Rwandan Government.

The plan is to launch armed attacks with an insurgency composed of members of CNL, RED-TABARA, the MSD and Rwandan Special Forces.

On May 8, 2020, fightings among the advanced reconnaissance troops of the new insurgency group and Rwandan special forces and the Burundian army occurred on Lake Rweru, which borders Rwanda and Burundi. A commander of the Brundian marine force unit was killed.  During the fightings Rwandan troops were also shot, among whom 3 were allegedly killed by Burundian military troops.

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