Rio 2016: Jamaican Usain Bolt Solidifies his Title of Greatest Athlete of All Times

Usain Bolt in Rio 2016, winning against his rival Justin Gatlin

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The Jamaican Usain Bolt has won gold in the 100-meter dash in Rio 2016. By the win, he has become an olympian champion three times in a row, an unprecedented exploit: he  is  the 100-m champion of all times; the World' fastest man. With 9 olympic medals, he is now considered the Greatest Athlete of all times.  Only Michael Phelps has more medals, but in swimming,

which is considered less competitive wordlwide than track and field.  In Rio, he ran 100 m in 9.89. At the start, his closest competitor, the American Justin Gatlin was ahead. By around 60 m, Usain Bolt had caught up with him and maintained the lead until the end. Usain Bolt still has other races  ahead in Rio. Most expect Usain Bolt to also win gold medals in 200-meter run and 4x100-meter relay for the sixth  time in his career.  Usain  Bolt, 29,  has won individual gold medals in the men's 100-meters and 200-meters at the 2008 Olympics, 2009 World Championships, 2012 Olympics, 2013 World championships and 2015 World Championships.

Usain Bolt joined the growing list of AfroAmerica Network greatest athletes of all times in 2015. These includes those who have outperformed other great athletes, sometimes beating the odds, since the Modern Olympic Games were launched.