iWatch, The Latest Goodie From Apple®: Are We There Yet?

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Over the last decade, Apple has started a new wave of devices and applications that have changed the way people, groups and the society in general communicates. By now, tech savvy nerds and technology challenged individuals have come to rely on Apple®'s technologies in their daily lives. Some technologies, such as iPod®, iPad®, iPhone®, iMac® no longer need introduction.

To complement these hardware technologies, new innovations are being added by Apple®: from FaceTime®, where one can video chat with a loved one despite different time zones differences, to Siri®, an omniscient voice that provides facts, advice, and sometimes jokes. Apple® has taken over and there is no sign that their influence and momentum are going to end anytime soon. Recently, Apple has announced a new device, iWatch, a smart watch that provides more than the time and has a tentative announcement date of October 2014. No wonder why Apple has become the destination, and the darling of investors.

Reports started in March 2014 of what the iWatch would provide advanced technological features such as biosensors and mapping. Also just like the IOS 8, the iWatch is rumored to have a health and fitness tracking application called “Health”. Rumor has it that this application will use sensors to collect the data from the owners. Another possible application may include an in-house sweat analysis and weightlifting. According to the popular Apple dedicated blogs and forums: Apple Insider and MacRumors, either a 200 to 250mh cell will be used to promote battery life or alternative methods like solar power and kinetic energy.

Like every new endeavor, the iWatch production road has had some problems and bugs to fix within the device and its functions. According to reports from The Information, the battery life has made Apple rethink a new screen because fully charge iWatch battery only lasted one to two days. Apple® appeared to be trying to fix this problem so that battery may reach to at least five days. Also, Apple is experimenting with wireless charging devices, according to KGI securities company analysts. LG, an Apple partner, has reported that the displays of iWatch have struggled to attract any interest or mass production. It has been rumored that this issue is the main reason for the iWatch’s delayed release but LG is trying to fix it and mass production are expected to start in the fist half of July 2014.

Meanwhile, while Apple is fixing these small setbacks, iWatch enthusiasts can't wait. October is another milestone.
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