MIT Professor Jeremy England

Massachusetts physicist and assistant professor at the prestigious Massachussets Institute of Techology (MIT), the 31-year old Jeremy England,  claims that he solved the mystery of how life emerged from matter. According to Professor England, the origin of life,  often attributed to luck or labeled as some kind of miracle, actually is predictale under the right conditions. Under these conditions,  the creation of life is predictably unavoidable, affirms Professor England.

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Rwanda Stock Exchange

A Canadian investment company that has promised to leverage opportunities in the war ravaged county of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) recently averted bankruptcy, thanks to a last minute lifeline funds guaranteed by the governments of Great Britain, France, and Spain.

At the same time, after initial bonds, whose prospects of return remain brisk at the best, the Rwandan government has been issuing new bonds, with rosy promises to would be investors.

Questionable Investment Goals in DRC

In DRC,  the funds of $35 million bought shares, amounting to 60% of the Toronto-listed Feronia Inc. Feronia Inc. was founded in 2008 by

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