Apple Watch and iPhone 6 unveiled by Apple: Health, Pay, Power and Size

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As planned, Apple today held a media event to unveil new products. There had been mounting rumors that Apple would announce three products:iPhone 6, a wearable device or watch, and iPad Air. Only iPad Air was missing during the event. The two other products  were showcased. Perhaps the most anticipated was the wearable device, named Apple Watch, instead of the iWatch named that had been popped up in media for days.

 Apple Watch: A Shift in Wearable Paradigm

Apple Watch was designed to be both fashionable and functional, coming in an array of colors and materials, with six different types of easily interchangeable watch straps. Six different Watch face colors and materials are available: Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum, 18-Karat Yellow Gold, Space Black Stainless Steel, Space Gray Aluminum, and 18-Karat Rose Gold. Apple Watch will be available for sale in early 2015, starting at the price of $349.

iPhone 6: Payment and Health/Fitness

iPhone 6 is a significant improvement on iPhone 5S, with more power, and a thinner and larger size. It comes into two sizes: a relatively smaller iPhone 6 and a larger model, iPhone 6 plus.

Built on the next generation A8 chip, 2 billion transistors and 64-bit support, iPhone 6 uses 20nm process with 25% faster CPU performance and 13% smaller chip than the previous A7. It is fifty times faster than the original iPhone CPU and 84x faster on graphics.
However, perhaps the most interesting features are the functionalities built into iPhone 6. Two functionalities have drawn the attention: the Health Fitness app and Apple Pay.
The Health Fitness app is based on M8 coprocessor to track motion.
Apple Pay will allow the user to make payments using their credit card.
iPhone 6 will store all payment information encrypted and securely. Neither the cashiers nor Apple will see the name or credit number or security code.
Apple Pay is used by holding thumb on Touch ID button.
According to Apple, Apple will not know what was bought, where, or how much was paid. Only the merchants will be able to know about the details of the transaction.

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will come with iOS 8, that launches on September 17, 2014.
iPhone 6 will launch on September 19, 2014. The prices for iPhone 6 Plus: $299/$399/$499 for 16GB/64GB/128GB and for iPhone 6: 16GB/64GB/128GB for $199/$299/$399, for 2 year contract.

iPhone and Apple Watch Integration

Apple Watch works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but also with 5s, 5c and 5.
iPhone is required for Apple Watch. The design intended a seamless integration between iPhone and Apple Watch through Handoff. It will be possible to read an email on Apple Watch and then respond on the iPhone.

Detail of Features:

iPhone 6:

  • Silicone cases, in 6 colors
  • New leather cases in 5 colors.
  • 8MP iSIght camera, True Tone flash, 1.5 micron pixels, 2.2 aperture, all-new sensor.
  • voice over LTE or VoLTE. Supports 20 LTE bands
  • Advanced wireless specs, 150Mbps LTE.
  • M8 motion coprocessor. M8 can now estimate distance.
  • 50% more energy efficient than the A7.
  • Fifty times faster than the original iPhone CPU and 84x faster on graphics.
  • Next generation A8 chip, 2 billion transistors and 64-bit support.
  • 20nm process, 25% faster CPU performance, 13% smaller chip than the previous A7.
  • Double touch the Touch ID button. One-handed mode.
  • Depth: iPhone 6 is 6.9mm, iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm.
  • iPhone 6 has more than 1 million pixels.. 2 million pixels on iPhone 6 Plus. 38% more pixels on the iPhone 6, 185% more pixels on the iPhone 6 Plus. 1334x750, 326ppi. 1920x1080, 401ppi.
  • iPhone 6: 4.7", iPhone 6 Plus: 5.5" displays
  • Ion-strengthened glass, improved polarizer, photo aligned IPS liquid crystal, ultra thin backlight."
  • "Retina HD" display.
  • Power button on the right side.
  • Glass front, curves around the side to meet seamlessly with the aluminum back.

Apple Watch:

  • whole range of products.
  • Apple Watch Edition: 18K Gold, metallurgists have developed to be twice as hard as standard gold.
  • Apple Watch Sport: Ion exchanged cover glass, anodized aluminum case that's 60% stronger than standard alloys.
  •  Six different easily interchangeable watch straps
  •  Zirconia back, four sapphire lenses.
  •  Infrared and visible light LEDs with photo sensors detect pulse rate.
  •  Gyroscope and accelerometer, watch provides comprehensive picture of daily activity.
  • Custom designed chip, S1 processor.
  •  Pressing the button below the crown instantly shows friends and contacts.
  • Digita crown; Digital Touch
  • Messages, Siri. Smart replies and dictation.
  •  Infrared LED and photo diodes that translate rotary movement into digital data.


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