Google Finally A Holding Company Under Alphabet Name

Google becomes Alphabet

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Google has decided to reorganize itself into a holding under the name of Alphabet. Google co-founder, Larry Page has announced the  change in Google corporate structure to become a  holding company with a disparate collection of businesses.

The new company, Alphabet, will be run by Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Based on Larry Page's announcement, it appears the new structure may look like this:

 Chief Executive Officers of Alphabet: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Alphabet will include: 

  • Google, under  Sundar Pichai, which will cover Internet Search, YouTube, and Gmail.
  • Google Fiber, the fast internet services provider
  • Nest the maker of smart thermostats
  • Calico, the longevity company
  • Google X, focusing on self-driving cars,  drone delivery service and Internet-connected balloons
  • Google Equity, which will include Google Ventures and Google Private Equity

Ruth Porar will remain Google CFO, and also become Alphabet CFO.

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