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Apple October 18, 2021 Unleashed Event: MacBook Pro

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Today,  on Monday, October 18 , 2021 starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time,  Apple, Inc ( AAPL )  held "Unleashed" virtual  event.   Apple, Inc ( AAPL ) held  the first Fall event on  September 14, 2021. The products unveiled  then were  iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and iPad.   Today, the focus was on new redesigned MacBook Pro and M1X chips and third generation AirPods, .

Meanwhile  Apple stock price has been on a rollercoaster with seesaw movements highlighting the complex dynamics ahead, especially during the usually challenging September  and October months.

Apple Unleashed Event :  What Was Expected?

According to earlier rumors and reports before the event (see:), the event was expected to focus on new Apple Silicon high-end MacBook Pro models, and AirPods, including:

  • a redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with a faster version of the Apple Silicon M1 chip, mini-LED blacklist displays, a redesigned row of  full-size function keys to replace the Touch Bar;
  • a refreshed Mac mini is  expected. The Mac Mini would feature a new design, additional color options, expanded port selection, and the Apple Silicon M1 chip;
  • Announcement of the release date of the new MacOS 12 Monterey;
  • new redesigned AirPods;

The first Macs with the M1 chip, including the MacBook Air, lower-end 13-inch MacBook Pro, and lower-end Mac mini, were announced at an Apple Event on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.



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Apple Unleashed Event :  What Was Unveiled.

Below are the products unveiled duing the 1-hour virtual Unleashed Event.

Apple Music, HomePod and AirPods: 
  • new subscription plan availabble in 17 countries,  for Apple Music, with a Voice Plan,  $4.99 per month.
  • HomePod mini with multiple colors, including  new colors blue, orange, yellow. availabble in November 2021
  • AirPods:  redesigned with new contours to better fit into  ears; sweat and water resistant for workouts. up to 6 hous of listening time for a chage.  Adaptive EQ expanded from the AirPods Pro to regular AirPods. Adjusted frequencies in real-time. One-touch setup with automatic pairing to all Apple devices. 
MacBook Pros:
  • 14-Inch MacBook Pro and 16-Inch MacBook Pro. Unveiled MacBook Pro Models feature improved M1 chips, memory,  120Hz Mini-LED Displays, and Connectors . 
  • Both  MacBook Pro will use Apple silicon chips M1 Pro and M1 Max.
  • M1 Pro:  memory interface up to 32 GB of unified memory, 5nm process, 33.7 billion transistors. up to 10-core CPU  and up to 16-core GPU, with 8 high-performance and 2 high-efficiency. 
  • M1 Max:  builds on M1 Pro starts with doubles memory interface. Up to 400 GB/s, up to 64GB unified memory with 57 billion transistors. up to 10-core CPU like M1 Pro, but up 32-core GPU.
  • Display:  Engine for multiple displays and more Thunderbolt I/O.  Promotion display with higher pixel density, up to 120Hz refresh rate and Liquid Retina XDR with a billion colors.  All-new aluminum enclosure with new thermal design. Fans never have to turn on for most tasks. 16.8 mm thin and 4.7 pounds for 16", 3.5 pounds, 15.5mm thin for 14".
  • Keyboad: All-black keyboard with full-size function keys.
  • Connectivity:   HDMI, MagSafe, SD card, slot. HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, SD card on right. Headphone jack, two more Thunderbolt 4, MagSafe 3 on left. MagSafe 3 supports higher power, with the possibility to charge the MacBook Pro over Thunderbolt.
  • Memory:  Unified memory lets tap into more graphics.  SSDs up to 7.4 GB/s read, more than twice as fast as before.
  • Battery life: Up to 2x longer with Lightroom, 4x longer for code compiling.  Fast charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes. 14" up to 17 hours of video playback, 16" up to 21 hours.

New MacBook Pro available are available for order.  

Apple Event During Major Dynamics

 As  the new products were unveiled, investors appear to be pleased with  Apple Stock. After a few weeks with decline, the stock was up 0.71% by the end of the event, and 3.5% to 145.75  since the announcement of the event. Now the question whether, following the Apple's Unleashed event,  the seesaw movements observed since September 2021,  will be replaced by a more sustained upward momentum  (see here   and here: )


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