Assassin's Creed Origins: UbiSoft's tribute to African Greatest Empire of Egypt

UbiSoft Assassin's Creed Origins

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Ubisoft Entertainment, the World renown video game publisher has released Assassin's Creed Origins, one of the most important games in the Assassin's Creed series, yet. This time, the game developers' challenge was to be as accurate as possible with the history of ancient Egypt, while keeping the video game entertaining. UbiSoft may have achieved the objective.

 Ubisoft game director, Ashraf Ismail, speaking with The Guardian on how Assassin's Creed Origins became a great achievement, said :

"We spent years researching. We had Egyptologists on the team, and we have historians embedded with us on the floor. Sometimes it's researching online, finding the people who know the time period well and just contacting them, asking them to help join us or help feed us information. A lot of the time it's actually securing deals with universities. We try to grab as much information as possible."

One of the major credits given to game is to have predicted the discovery of a secret room in the pyramid of Giza certainly proves that much.

Although critics have pointed out that the game does not highlight the major role played by Black Egyptians in the Egyptian Empire and that their depiction in the game appears marginal, the game tried to be as true to the history as possible in other areas "with a foundation of research and credible history", according to Ashraf Ismail. He reminded the game lovers the fact that the history of Egypt is so ancient that many records on which to rely do not exist.

Ubisoft may be credited of having tried to dig deeper in the ancient history to bring us an entertaining experience that gamers around the World will enjoy, while at the same time exploring and interacting with ancient Egypt.

see  Assassin's Creed Origins trailer here

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