Akilah Johnson's "My Afrocentric Life" Wins 2016 US Google Doodle Contest

Akilah Johnson posing in front of her My Afrocentric Life that work won 2016 Google Doodle Contest (Source: Google)

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Akilah Johnson, the native of Washington, D.C, has won the 2016 Google Doodle. The theme of the year's contest is "What Makes Me ...Me". Focusing on her background, Akilah titled her work "My Afrocentric Life". She created her work using black crayons, color pencils and Sharpie markers.

 Akilah Johnson's Doodle Google work drew extensively from her background. The work includes  symbols of black heritage, from Afro, Black Panthers, Black Power, Black Lives Matters movement. 

Upon winning, Akilah Johnson, said that she was raised in Afrocentric lifestyle and attended educational institutions where Afrocentric relevant curriculum which aims to serve “the specific needs of children of African heritage," is predominant.

With the win, Akilah Johnson, a sophomore at Eastern Senior High in Washington, D.C., will receive a $30,000 college scholarship from Google. Furthermore, Google For Education will award her high school a $50,000 grant “towards the establishment and improvement of a computer lab or technology program.”  

As a bonus, Akilah Johnson will travel to Google headquarters  to meet with professional artists and Google executives.