Gandhi's Director Richard Attenborough dies

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The director of the classic movie "Gandhi", Richard Attenborough has died in London at the age of 90.  Better known for directing  Gandhi, for which he won 2 Oscars,  he has also appeared in several feature films, as a leading or supporting actor. His better know movies include Brighton Rock, The Great Escape and Jurassic Park.


Gandhi represents perhaps his best accomplishment. According to Ben Kingsley who played the role of Gandhi, and was instrumental in turning the movie into a classic, with his unparalleled acting, Richard Attenborough spent 20 years working on the epic film. The movie collected 8 oscars in 1982.

Another timeless work by  Attenborough is Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park in 1993, in which he starred as the park's billionaire creator John Hammond.

Richard Attenborough's work is so widereaching and timeless. The work will certainly make his name engraved in World history.