The Woman King: Agojie

The Woman King movie, released in 2022, has been a master piece. It is another movie, beyond Coming To America and Black Pather, to show Black people as independent people, with structured societies, not slaves, savages or just happy to sell their people. The Woman King has built on the previous movies to  solidify the foundation on Black society and culture.  It has continued the movement, this time going further on highlighting the role played by Women in protecting Africa. The performances of the women in the movie led by Viola Davis, Thuso Mbendu, Lashana Lynch, and Sheil Atim are outstanding. It is a movie to watch by almost every one (except children). 

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out

The 2021 Oscar Academy Awards ceremonies were different: delayed for two months, limited attendance, no after-parties, no usual red-carpets dramas. However, two awards made history: Daniel Kaluuya as supporting actor in a critical movie about the Civil Rights struggles by Blacks in America and Chloé Zhao as Best Director, becoming the first woman of color, ever,  to win the title.  

Coming 2 America movie trailer

Coming to America movie, released in 1998, was a master piece. It was one of the first movies to show Black people as independent people, with structured societies, not slaves, savages or just happy to serve as  butlers. Coming To America set a precedent and solidified the foundation on Black society and culture.  It started a movementComing 2 America is a sequel. It goes further.  It is a movie to watch by almost every one. 

Mully, the documentary movie

Evangelist Dr. Charles Mutua Mulli's has been living an extraordinary life.  Over 30 years, his fundation, Mully Children's Family or MCF, has rescued more than 12,000 children from the slums and dangerous streets of Nairobi, Kenya, rehabilitated and reintegrated them in the society. Some are doctors, teachers, social workers, and other professionals operating around the world. They all call him "Daddy Mully".

The Widow Amazon Series highlights human tragedies in Rwanda and DRC

At the onset, The Widow series is just a story about a widow searching for a closure on the disappearance of her husband. Then, the series ends up being a masterpiece uncovering the complexity of human tragedies,  civil wars, war crimes and genocides in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, and how Rwandan leaders, working with corrupt Congolese Army (FARDC) military generals, use these tragedies to loot Coltan from DRC and smuggle it into Rwanda. 

Black Earth Rising highlights human tragedies in Rwanda and DRC

At the onset, Black Earth Rising series is a masterpiece, capturing the complexity of human tragedies. Civil Wars, war crimes and genocides leave heavy loads, including physical, mental and spiritual scars. Black Earth Rising goes beyond that. Beyond tackling head on the issues of mental health and post traumatic syndromes (PTSD), Black Earth series challenges the views about justice for the victims, democracy in the affected nations,  and accountability of leaders and actors and protagonists.


Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman" has reaffirmed the genius of the producer.  The movie follows in the footsteps of "Malcom X".  BlacKkKlansman highlights the contemprary racial issues in America, the way Malcom X did for the 60's. The real hero, Ron Stallworth, played by John David Washington, the first black officer to work for the Colorado Springs Police Department, who launched a covert investigation into the Ku Klux Klan planning criminal acts of violence, is a role model.

Black Panther movie

With Black Panther, Ryan Coogler created a master piece. It is a movie to watch by almost every one. With a predominantly Black cast and strong women characters, it is inspirational for Blacks: young boys, girls, and adults.
Science fiction enthusiasts, political activists, anti-poaching activists,  diplomats, intelligence services operatives, humanitarians, those fighting against child soldiers recruitement or aduction of young girls by armed groups, and you name it, will certainly find Black Panther movie appealing.

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out

"Get Out"  is a thriller satirical horror movie by Jordan Haworth Peel, an renown AfroAmerican actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director.  Released on February 24, 2017, to critical acclaim and box-office success, "Get Out"  has become one of the most profitable films of all time.

Empire Season 4 Ready - Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson (Fox).

Are you ready for another roller coaster season with  the phenomenal TV Show called "Empire"? If not, do. Please do! Please be ready! The runaway success of the  show about a family-run hip-hop music company that has  surprised the experts since it has started to air in 2015. It has consistently hit all the records and has always left us with a hunger and thirst  for more.

Screaming Eagle of Soul King, Charles Bradley,

Charles Bradley, known as the "Screaming Eagle of Soul," died on Saturday, September 23, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, from a stomach cancer. He was 68 years old.

With a powerful and fiery, often pained, performance and a raspy, funky, and energetic style, that evoked James Brown, one of his musical heroes, he took long to blossom. When he did achieve success, that came with his 2011 debut album, “No Time for Dreaming,” he became unstoppable. His first album was soon followed with “Victim of Love” in 2013, and a third, “Changes,” in 2016.