Selma: Commemorating the 57th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches; VP Kamala Harris Leads the Way to Achieve John Lewis' Dream

Selma March with VP Kamala Harris, March 6, 2022

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March 7, 2022 marks the 57th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomey, Alabama march, known as the “Bloody Sunday.”  In 1965  civil rights activists and marchers were beaten by the police while trying to march to Montgomery. The annual event, this year, took place amid growing challenges to Voting Rights that were the foundation of the march. US leaders including President Joe Biden  and Kamala Harris have highlighted the importance of the day. On Sunday March 6, 2022 VP Kamala Harris visited Selma, participated in the  annual Bridge Cross Jubilee, and adressed a crowd of thousands. 

This is the second  Selma Commemoration after the passing of John Lewis, one of the Civil Rights icons and marchers (see Selma: Commemorating the 56th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches; Stacey Abrams Leading the Way to Achieve John Lewis' Dream)

 President Joe Biden twitted on March 6, 2022:

"On Sunday, March 7, 1965, time stopped and blood spilled as brave and righteous Americans sought to cross a bridge named after a Klansman in Selma, Alabama to reach the other side of justice. Read my full statement on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday:"
In the statement (see here), President Joe Biden said: "...In Selma, the blood of John Lewis and so many other courageous Americans sanctified a noble struggle. We are determined to honor that legacy by passing legislation to protect the right to vote and uphold the integrity of our elections, including the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act..."

President Joe Biden reaffirmed that the  "The battle for the soul of America has many fronts. The right to vote is the most fundamental..""


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On March 6, 2022 Vice President Kamala Harris walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, along with Secretary of Housing andUrban Development Marcia Fudge, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan, and Deputy Secretary of Veteran Affairs Donald Remy and thousands of people.
The violence on the bridge originally named aftter  a Confederate general and a known klansman, shocked the nation and helped galvanize support for passage of the Voting Rights Act by  President Johnson in 1965.
 Addressing the marchers, VP Kamala Harris, focused on the Voting Rights:

Today, we stand on this bridge at a different time. We again, however, find ourselves caught in between. Between injustice and justice. Between disappointment and determination … nowhere is that more clear than when it comes to the ongoing fight to secure the freedom to vote...In a moment of great uncertainty, those marches pressed forward and they crossed. We must do the same. We must lock our arms and march forward. We will not let setbacks stop us. We know that honoring the legacy of those who marched then demands that we continue to push Congress to pass federal voting rights legislation.”


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