US 2024 Presidential Elections: Is Former President Trump Already Planning for His Cabinet?

Donald Trump and Lil Wayne, Oct 28, 2020: "Feeling Connected"

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The season for the 2024 US presidential elections is heating up.  Hence, the 2024 GOP (Republican) presidential primary is around the corner.  Based on the reliable polls, the  GOP primary may be over in less than a month. In fact, unless former Donald Trump drops out, he has the highest probabilities of winning the GOP nomination. Meanwhile, rumors and reports have been spreading that Donald Trump has been  weighting candidates for his potential cabinet, if he wins the 2024 US Presidential elections.

There is also a funny question that keeps coming: if he wins the 2024 elections, will Former President Donald Trump appoint his African-American friends, especially the Black rappers  who supported him during the 2020 elections, to the cabinet (see the list below) ?

The 2024 Iowa caucuses are  planned in one month. The caucuses are  the official start to the Republican presidential nominating process. According to several reports, given the dynamics of the campaigns, it is expected that some candidates may drop out, and let the space for the top leading GOP candidates, mostly Former US President Donald Trump and, maybe, Nikki Haley. Based on the polls from major pollsters across the US,  as of December 18, 2023(see here ), Donald Trump leads with  62.7%, with the next candidates Ron DeSantis 12.0% and Nikki Haley 10.9%.

Based on the same polls, former  President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden with a very small margin, by 46% to 44%. 9% of the electors polled remain uncommitted.

Given these projections, rumors have been spreading that Donald Trump has started to think about his potential cabinet, if he wins the 2024 US Presidential elections.

According to several reports and rumors, Donald Trump has prioritized  the key positions  and the most important jobs in the cabinet while thinking about the potential candidates. These include Vice president, Attorney General, White House chief of staff, National security Advisor,  secretary of state, Defence Secretary (Pentagon),  CIA Director, Head of Presidential personnel.


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The reports and rumors have been sharing names for each cabinet post, as follows:

  • Vice president:  Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders; Media Journalist Tucker Carlson; Author J.D. Vance;  Kari Lake, who is running for U.S. Senate in Arizona;  South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds the only African American republican in the US House of Representatives, and Georgia  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene;
  • Attorney General: Stephen Miller;
  • White House Chief of Staff: Steve Bannon;
  • National security Advisor: Kash Patel;
  • CIA Director: Kash Patel; John Ratcliffe, the former Texas congressman;
  • Secretary of State: Ric Grenell, former US ambassador to Germany;  Robert O'Brien, former national security adviser; Jared Kushner;
  • Defense Secretary: Lee Zeldin, a former New York congressman from Long Island; Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas; John Ratcliffe, the former Texas congressman;
  • Treasury Secretary: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO;
  • Head of Presidential personnel: Johnny McEntee,  former head of presidential personnel under Donald Trump administration;

As the campaign goes forward, more speculations are expected, but these names appear to be on the short list of the most likely candidates to be nominated for the positions, if Donald Trump is elected.

However, there still is a long way to go, as President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris  have maintained a powerful momentum towards their reelection.

Another question is a funny one: if Former President Donald Trump wins, will he appoint to his cabinet  one of his African-American friends,  especially the Black rappers who supported him during the 2020 elections?

These Black stars supporters  include the following: Money superstar Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known as Lil Wayne;  Kanye West, known as Yeezy;  Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known as Weezy; Curtis James Jackson III, known as 50 Cent, and O'Shea Jackson, known as Ice Cube?

AfroAmerica Network will continue to follow the dynamics.

@AfroAmerica Network, 2023




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