NBA 2022: Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics or Kevin Durant vs Jayson Tatum: It is Jayson Tatum.

NBA 2022:Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics; Jayson Tatum scores 3-pointer

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Brooklyn Nets  (BKN) were expected to face a challenge when playing against the Boston Celtics. The challenge was real, despite moments of suspense. In fact, Brookly Nets had a rollercoaster game, but ended up losing.  At the end, it was really a competition between Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant and The Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum.  The Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets, 126-120.  But Jayson Tatum stole the show, scoring 54 points whereas Kevin Durant scored 37 points.

Kevin Durant had been on the sideline dealing with a knee injury, but he was back in shape.  He was supported by Kyrie Irving. During his absence, the Nets had a seesaw performance. In the month of February, the Nets lost to Kings, Nuggets, and Wizards. In their previous game, Tthe Celtics beat the Nets that lacked the presence of the 2 top players.

Hence, all the hopes were that with Kevin Durant  and Kyrie Irving back, the Nets will turn the trend. It did not happen. Despite the 4 rebounds by Kyrie Irving and multiple attempts by Kevin Durant to outscore the opponents, the Celtics had the game in their hands.  The Nets having dropped down to ninth in the Eastern Conference standings,  the prospects are a resignation to a losing season.


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Jason Tatum, 24,  supported by Jaylen Brown, dominated the game.  He solidified the expectations from Celtics's fans and others, who have already started to scream "MVP", at each of his scoring during  the outstanding performance.

During the game, Jayson Tatum made 16 of 30 shots, 8 of 15 3-pointers, and 14  of 17 free throws.  Jaylen Brown scored 21 points, which, added to the 57 points  by Jayson Tatum, did not leave a change to Brooklyn Nets.

With the win, the Celtics, fifth in the Eastern Conference with  39-27,  have improved their chances of becoming a competitor for the 2022 NBA playoffs. In fact, although they are way  behind Miami Heat (43-22), they are closely catching up with Philadelphia 76ers (39-24) ,Milwaukee Bucks (39-25), and Chicago Bulls (39-25).

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