World - Happiness: Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Botswana, and Lesotho, the Five Unhappiest Countries in the World.

African continent ranked at the bottom with the unhappiest countries

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The 2021 annual report published by the World Happiness Report is out. Without surprise, the top happiest countries as of 2022 remain the same, as those in the 2020 annual report published in 2021.  At the same time, the list of the most unhappiest countries has slightly changed.  The lists are widely reliable as The World Happiness Report uses rigourous statistical methods on Gallup polling data to come up with the results. The top 5 happiest countries are:  Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Netherlands. The three worst,  unhappiest countries are Afganistan, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. These three countries were the worst even in 2020 report. The question now is: what is unique among the top happiest and in the worst unhappiest countries. 

 The World Happiness Report has been publishing the report since 2002. The findings are based on a rigorous statistical analysis that leverages Gallup polls data to rank the countries in the World on the happiness score. Some countries are excluded because the Gallup polls data is unaivailable or due to different raisons. For example, in Africa, the countries of the  Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, and Sudan were not included. Since 2002, 149 countries have been included in the analysis. In 2021,  data on 146 countries was analyzed. 


Happiest Countries: Northern Europe.

The list of the top happiest countries mostly includes North-European countries.  Among the countries are Denmark, Switzerland , Iceland , the Netherlands , Norway, and Sweden. The common characteristics for the top ranked countries are: communal support and mutual trust, freedom of choices, high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, generosity, good healthcare, lack of or unknown corruption, and low crime rate.


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Most Unhappiest: African  and Asian countries. 

The most unhappy countries are in Asia and Africa. The common criterias are: corruption, low GDP per capita, repression, low life expectancy rate,  limited healthcare, and high crime or murder rates.  As expected, countries led by dictators or well known incapable or corrupt leaders came in the bottom. These include Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Haiti, Togo, and Chad.

For more on The 2021 report by the World Happiness Report, see here.


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