Australia Tennis 2021 Open: World Tennis Star Japanese Naomi Osaka, 23, Is the Champion, Again!

Naomi Osaka Wins 2021 Australia Tennis Open

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Australia Open is one of the major tennis events for Women.The Japanes Naomi Osaka has beaten the American Jennifer Brady in straight sets, 6-4, 6-3,  to win the 2021 Australian Open Women's title, at Melbourne Park on Saturday, Febryary 20, 2021. At the start, the favorites included World known champions, such as Serena Williams, Ashleigh Barty,  Simona Halep, Belinda Bencic,  Naomi Osaka, Ekaterina Alexandrova,  Karolina Pliskova, and others.  In the end,  Naomi Osaka won, securing her fourth Grand Slam win in four years.  What is equally so important is her consistent activism for social justice.

According to WTA, with the win, Naomi  Osaka, who was ranked 6th in the World,  will raise her ranking to No. 2, behind Ashleigh Barty.  

Naomi Osaka led with powerful serves that reached 122 mph. Relaxed, determined, and apparently self-confident, she lead in both the serves, the returns, and  the matching, she won without too much pain and in straight sets. Her serves produced six aces, her returns  and matches won  breaks, and resolve and confidence won the match.

After the win, Naomi Osaka said: "What I have learned on and off the court is it's OK to not be sure about yourself. For me, I feel like I've always forced myself to, like, be 'strong' or whatever. I think if you're not feeling OK, it's OK to not feel OK. But you have to sort of go within yourself and figure things out in a way.” 

With the win, Naom Osaka has scored, at  all the Women Tennis majors,  a 12-0 record in quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. In the semi-finals on Thursday, Feb 17, 2021, Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams, ranked 11.

Taking Stand for Social Justice

On and off the court, Naomi Osaka has always been an advocate of social justice, with  a unique way to highligh that Black Lives Matter. She has, last year,  stood for racial justice, when with other athletes across other sports, including NFL, NBA, and others  postponed their games at the end of August 2020, to protest the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI.  Naomi Osaka decided to opt out of a semifinal match in the Western & Southern Open. She then tweeted: "Before I am an athlete, I am a Black woman. And as a Black woman I feel as though there are much more important matters at hand that need immediate attention, rather than watching me play tennis...I feel like I’m a vessel at this point in order to spread awareness. It’s not going to dull the pain, but hopefully I can help with anything that they need.”"  Naomi Osaka's mother is Japanese and her  father is Haitian. Trayvon Martin’s mother and Ahmaud Arbery’s father have both publicly thanked her, for her stand.

Go Osaka!



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