NBA 2017 Finals: Is the Cavs' win over Warriors in Game 4 a Comeback?

NBA 2017 Finals: LeBron James and Kevin Durant

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Cavs beat Warriors in game 4 of NBA 2017 Finals, 137-116. With the win, the Warriors are leading 3-1.

The question on the minds of most people could now be: will the Cavaliers win game 5,6, and 7 in a row and, hence, make one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history?

On Monday, June 12,2017, the Cavaliers will have to keep the momentum. It is not just winning a game; it is to avoid loss at each of the upcoming games. The Cavs may still have a tough crowd, given that the venue of Game 5 is the Oracle Arena, the home of the Golden State Warriors.

A win in Game 5 on the road will lead to Game 6 in Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland. The crowd will be friendly, increasing the chance of winning Game 6. Game 7 is scheduled to be played in Oracle Arena again. It would be different that time, with a 3-3, and just one more game to go and the question on every mind: Cavs or Warriors, that is LeBron James or Kevin Durant?