iWatch and iPhone 6 expected to be unveiled by Apple on Sep 9, 2014

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 Ahead of Apple's September 9, 2014 media event  in Cuppertino, CA, speculations and rumors about what will be unveiled abound. However, anticipation  has turned to the most expected Apple new products. Apple's anticipated new products are being , once again, promoted as a new revolution in the industry. As of September 4, 2014, people have started to camp outside Apple's stores, for the pleasure to be the first to own the potential iPhone 6. In New York City's Apple 5th Avenue Store, a long line of campers has started to stretch around the block.

Among the products expected are:

  •  iWatch
  •  iPhone 6
  •  iPad Air 2

IWatch, a threat to the Swiss Watch Makers.

iWatch is perhaps the most anticipated product from Apple.  Several mockup designs have appeared in media around the World, but, as it is with Apple's previous products,  there is no consensus on how exactly the new Apple goodie will look like.

What appears to consistent is that iWatch could include the following technological features:

  •  NFC or near field communications. NFC technology allows wireless communication. Those who agree on the potential for the NFC feature point to Apple's plans to incorporate tap-to-pay functions into its mobile devices, thus allowing users to pay using credit card information stored in iTunes
  •  Limited, but functional memory of around 8 GB. This consensus stems from the fact that wearable devices do not need to much memory for the services they are designed to offer to their owners.
  • Sturdy casing: to be able to resist the potential uses  in testing environments.
  • Health and fitness features, to monitor health and physical exercise performance
  • Integration with iOS 8

However, as of late, the buzz is how the iWatch will impact traditional watch making, especially the Swiss industry. According to the latest rumors, Jony Ive, Vice-President of Design at Apple,  appears to have bragged that iWatch will be a tough competitor to the Swiss watch making, going to the point of saying that the Swiss Watch industry is in "trouble".

iPhone 6, a revolution within a revolution.

iPhone 6 has been rumored to be a significant departure from the iPhone 5. First, in size, where iPhone 6 could come into two sizes: 4.7  inch and 5.5 inch screen. According to several sources, the 4.7-inch will come first in September, followed by the 5.5-inch, later, probably in October 2014.
Second, the shape. There appears to be a consensus that that iPhone 6's shape will be a dramatic departure from iPhone 5's.  Some of the most discussed points are:

  • Losing the Sapphire display cover, but improved harder sapphire screen for larger models
  • more storage, with a potential for up to 128 GB
  • faster chip A8
  • better battery life
  • better camera.
  • NFC

From a far, iPhone 6 appears to be ready to propel Apple forward  ahead of its competition, by not only offering what the competitor have already accomplished, such as a larger screen size already existing with Samsung's devices,  but also giving more to its customers, like improved performance and cutting edge technological features

Thinner, Faster iPad Air

iPad Air was already thin. It is expected to be even thinner, and likely faster, showcasing an A8 chip, with some improvement to the TouchID fingertip processor.  The size and resolution may remain the same. Basically, if anyone wants a thin iPad Air to be faster, the upgrade may be worth it.

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