AroniSmartIntelligence™ in Action: Market Sentiment Upbeat Waiting Apple and Tesla Stock Split.

Apple's Stock Split Sentiment and Valence Analysis _ August 30,2020

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Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock remain in the  record high range  on Friday, when its price reached $504.05 and its market capitalization increased to $ 2.135 trillion. The 52-Week Range was $201.22 - $515.14. Stock market futures  are higher, as getting Ready for for Apple  (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA)  stock splits. The  4-for-1 stock split will happen on Monday August 31, 2020.

Stocks driving the momentum are mostly high tech.

What is in the Momentum?

Stocks markets including Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB), and Tesla (TSLA) stock prices have been soaring. The new high prices have led  two companies, Apple and Tesla, to consider stock splits. The stocks  split on Monday comes with the expectation of setting new record highs, just before the split. Tech stocks have boosted market sentiment.

AroniSmart Team has conducted Sentiment and Valence analysis and found a string positive sentiment. Based on the analysis, the next weeks may continue to see booming markets and sustained momentum of tech stocks. Drivers are related to economic data, spending and income. Below is a quick  AroniSmartIntelligence™ sentiment and valance analysis, with a sample of Positivity and Negativity words  and key stocks.

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Stocks Sentiment August 30 2020


Key positive sentiment words:

beaut, breakthrough, boom, clear, easiest, enthusiasm, gratitud, greatest, integr, intellig, noteworth, recommen, remark, safety in numbers, stronger, strongest,supporter, winner, wisdom,


Key negative  entiment words:

abrupt, aggress,assault,atroph, bleak, deterior, disaster, drought, dying , expen, imposit, insolut, inten, intermitt, murderer, narrower,overweightt,oubreak, pain, pan,shallow,  sham, shart, slash, struggl, stumbl, stupid, tout ulterior, troubl, unhapp




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