Wal-Mart Stock Crosses a Major Threshold; Rumors of Merger or Collaboration with Microsoft

AroniSmartInvest in Action: Wal-Mart Stock Crosses a Major Threshold

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On Wednesday July 26, 2017, Wal-Mart crossed a major threshold, going above $79.00 for the first time since the announcement of the acquisition of Whole Foods Markets (WFM) by Amazon.

 At some point during the day on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, the stock reached $79.17,  before pulling back and ending at $78.90.Before Amazon’s Whole Food Markets acquisition news, Wal-Mart stock was trading at $79.90. After the announcement, it fell abruptly, hitting the bottom at $73.23, following analysts’ assessments that the deal would signal troubles for  mass retailers, especially Wal-Mart, Kroger  and clubs.

On Wednesday, Wal-Mart announced a 10 actions policy  aimed at boosting "Made In USA" with a targeted goal of $ 300 billions out of $600 billions of current imports. However , the major disruption could happen if a persistent suggestion materializes. Financial, investment and news analysts have been speculating that Wal-Mart and Microsoft could soon merge, to increase their chance of  dethroning Amazon.com, Inc.

 CNBC’Mad Money show host Jim Cramer argued during  "Squawk on the Street" segment on  Friday, July 21, 2017, that the merger between  Wal-Mart Stores Inc  and  Microsoft Corporation  would help  Wal-Mart to take on Amazon.His thinking is that the two companies may be complementary: tech vs. brick-and-mortar retailer, cloud  web-services, known as Azure vs  regular e-commerce websites and Jet.com.

Brief, according to Jim Cramer,  Wal-Mart would greatly benefit from  Microsoft's Azure to compete against  Amazon's AWS cloud service.Then, the two merged companies will have 5,000 Wall-Mart stores in US, $20 billion Microsoft’s Azure assets and billions and billions of combined sales.

A telltale sign that Wall-Mart may be thinking about  a major move  may be seen in recent actions against Amazon.   Wal-Mart has urged its suppliers to stop using Amazon Web Services and stop storing Wal-Mart data on Amazon cloud.

Meanwhile, that is how Wal-Mart is  trending on AroniSmartInvest Market Profile analysis.