Donald Trump: A Phenomenal Phenomenon in US Presidential Race

Donald Trump, US Presidential Candidate

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You may accuse him of other things. What is sure is that he speaks his mind, and his supporters and even the American maintream are liking it. The person is the US Presidential candidate  Donald Trump. When he srtarted, few believed that Donald Trump was serious. Then he had that speech about Mexican immigrants. Subsequently, the polls in his favor shot into the roof.  He has been dominating the Republican landfield to date. 

Initially, only Fox News  and, perhaps, a couple more media  networks  talked about him. Today, Donald Trump has entered the mass media, and

all the TV networks are competing to broadcast his speeches. News media are fighting to have him answer teh questions of itheir journalists.

As times goes, it appears Donald Trump has been tweaking his message and becoming more and more presidential. What is making  both Republicans and Democrats scratch their head is that what Donald Trump has been saying lately appears to resonate with the deep America: veterans not being treated properly, China taking advantage of the US, crumbling infrastructure, women... yes, women,  not getting their fair share in corporations, immigration being a major concern, the US military needing to be reinforced, and campaign finance reform. One may accuse Donald Trump of anything else, but he has touched the main issues of impartance for maintream America.

Yes, Donald Trump has become more and more preseidential, mainstream, and a candidate to be reckoned with. And his message appears believable,... less political, that means apparently heartfelt, not hypocritically political. 

Donald Trump was today in New Hampshire. He scored points, both in his meeting with the press and his speech. He is heading to Iowa next. If he does well in Iowa as he did in New Hampshire, Donald Trump may be on the road to be an unstoppable contender for the Republican primaries.

For Donald Trump, there are now only two candidates: Donald Trump on the Republican or third party side and Bernie Sanders on the  Democratic side. But he may have forgotten, intentinally perhaps, the leading Democratic candidate  Hillary  Clinton and  teh Republican Jebb Bush, his challenger.