Mully: A Documentary about Selflessness, Faith and Harmony Among People

Mully, the documentary movie

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Evangelist Dr. Charles Mutua Mulli's has been living an extraordinary life.  Over 30 years, his fundation, Mully Children's Family or MCF, has rescued more than 12,000 children from the slums and dangerous streets of Nairobi, Kenya, rehabilitated and reintegrated them in the society. Some are doctors, teachers, social workers, and other professionals operating around the world. They all call him "Daddy Mully".

His life and the lives of people he rescued are depicted in the documentary film "Mully", directed by Scott Haze, which was released in October, 2017. It is available on Amazon Prime (see here)

The documentary reflects on how, despite his birth and early life in a broken family, with a drunkard and abusive father, being abandoned by the entire family at age of six, spending his early teens years as a beggar, he was able to become very wealthy through hard work and ingenuity.

However, the life changing lessons come from the next phase of his life. the "Mully" documentary traces the journey of faith, when Evangelist Dr Charles Mulli abandoned his pursuit of fortune and selflessness and turned to working with disadvantaged populations to transform their lives and to enable them to lead dignified lives and for most of them, achieve worldly successes.

The documentary offers soul searching lessons. Anyone would benefit from Evangelist Dr. Charles Mutua Mulli 's teachings and inspirational words and his vision of harmony among peoples and tribes in Africa, of caring for each other and the poor and disadvantaged, and of unfailing faith. "In Africa we can move forward, only if we trust each other," he said, highlighting one of his life guiding principles.

Dr. Charles Mutua Mulli, an evangelical christian, was born in Kathithyamaa, Kangundo, Machakos, Kenya in 1949 and is married to Esther Nthenya Mulli. His wife and their children have been the main pillars of his vision and of MCF.

A documenray movie to watch.