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AroniSmart™ tools's customers, including savvy investors, advanced analytics, data science, and machine learning experts and practitioners, academics, students have given improvement ideas and AroniSmart Team has listened, anticipated, and acted: AroniSmartLytics™ and AroniSmartInvest™ have made advances to inform investment decisions.

 With foresight advanced analytics, combining stock performance based segmentation analytics, advanced text and sentiment analytics and Bayesian Network models. It is a powerful tool.

The process to inform the stock market and investment research, using AroniSmart tools, goes like this:

  • From performance history, the savvy investor knows performance, including stock prices  ( last price, moving averages, changes, etc. ) and fundamentals (Market capitalization, EBITDA, dividends, EPS, etc.).
  •  Using the powerful, yet intuitive and use friendly AroniSmart™ analytics proprietary methods and algorithms, implemented in AroniSmartInvest, the savvy investor runs advanced segmentation analytics and identify best candidate stocks for further consideration.
  •  From RSS/news and social media, the savvy investor has subscribed or has access to, through AroniSmartInvest or other tools, the savvy investor collects the stories and saves them in the folder. Those RSS and news subscribed to, through AroniSmartInvest, can be processed into flat text files and saved in a selected folder using AroniSmartInvest RSS/News Analytics module.
  • Then, using the Sentiment/Text mining module, the savvy investor runs a powerful machine learning algorithm that combine the results from Segmentation, Text Analytics on the news and RSS saved into flat files in the folders, and Bayesian network models, to create network and clusters of stocks into: Best Stocks, based on historical performance and the Segmentation analytics, Stocks to watch, as harvested from the latest hot news and RSS, and Sentiment positivity score (based on Text and Sentiment Analytics).
  • AroniSmartInvest, and AroniSmartLytics™, also displays the tag clouds composed of negative and positive words, sentiment weight, Stock Tickers and Market Index symbols. The tags may be viewed in an a frame or separate window, in a oval, helix or rectangular formation.

Brief, with the new AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartLytics™ versions, soon to be updated on Apple's App Store®, AroniSmart team has, yet again, pushed forward the boundaries of stock market and investment research.

Regarding general advanced analytics, data mining, bayesian models and machine learning, AroniSmartLytics™ remains the leading tool, based on MacOS X®.

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