Apple's October 2016 Hello Again Event: MacBook Pro, TV app, Touch Bar, Touch ID, and Minecraft


Apple's October 2016 Hello Again Event: MacBook Pro, TV app, Touch Bar, Touch ID, and Minecraft

On October  27, 2016, Apple Inc unveiled major innovations in its MacBook Pro products line-up. The new MacBook Pro will be thinner and lighter,  have Touch Bar and major improvement in speed, display and capacity,  and some will have aTouch ID. Below are some highlights.

TV App

For: Apple TV (tvOS) Apple Watch and iPad

Highlight:  make it easier to find content across a range of services and apps, Apple on Thursday unveiled 'TV,' a new application for tvOS and iOS that allows users to browse and search for content in one convenient place. It will arrive for free in December.

 MacBook Pro

Highlight: Thinner and lighter with a new trackpad, keyboard, Touch Bar, Touch ID,  four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, and in two colors.  Major redesign to Apple's flagship notebook, with  new multi-touch Retina display located above the keyboard, with Touch Bar.   The application-specific Touch Bar gives users flexibility  with dynamic buttons and input options, depending on current tasks. .

The Touch Bar also provides quick access to frequently used tools, such as straightening photos, inserting QuickType suggestions, invoking Siri, and more.

Touch ID  offers multi-user support

13 and 15 inches screen sizes.   Core models starting at $1,799 up to $2,779. Base models available now, and those with Touch ID  shipping in two to three weeks. 

MacBook Air 11-inc discontinued: The 11-inch MacBook Air, so far the cheapest thin-and-light laptop offering from Apple, has been discontinued, whereas the 13-inch MacBook Air has received  minor upgrades, especially in RAM , from  4GB to 8GB.

Software updates:

Apple's iMovie 10.1.3 adds Touch Bar support and  the feature to delete render files to recover drive space. 

Numbers and Keynote have the same release notes as pages, and weigh in at occupies 170 MB and 470 MB respectively.

Version 6.0.6 of Pages adds "stability and performance improvements" and new Touch Bar support. 

GarageBand version 10.1.3 adds new media control functions.

Xcode version 8.1, available in App Store adds Touch Bar implementation and a new user interface feature  environment.


Minecraft coming to Apple TV before the end of the year.

First released in 2009 and purchased by Microsoft in September 2014, Minecraft allows players to build  a procedurally generated world either in a game-oriented survival mode, or in a free-build mode with no constraints on materials.