Safiya Husaini, the AfroAmerica Network Black Woman of the Year 2002

AfroAmerica Network, December 22,  2002.

Her name is Safiya Husaini and her treasured child is Adama.  Adama is special since it is because and in spite of her that she faced and was rescued from death.


The 35 years old  Safiya is from the State of Sokoto, one of the Sharia states of Nigeria, rhe most populous Country in Africa. She lives in the small village of Tungar Tudu, 19 miles from the state capital, Sokoto.


Adama is a normal baby little girl.  If she was born in USA, maybe nobody would be talking about her.  But alas, she has the problem of being born in Sokoto, from a divorced mother.  Since she was born outside wedlock, she was conceived as a result of allegedly adulterous relationship. According to the Sokoto Sharia law, the mother has to be put to death by stoning.

Despite international condemnation, the intervention of the Nigerian President Obasanjo and uproar from international media and human rights organization, the death sentence was upheld by Sokoto Islamic courts, but not executed. Safiya, courageously and with grace went through trials and tribulations. In 2002 the Appeal court dismissed the case.  In September 2002, she was made Honorary Citizen of Rome by Mayor Veltroni.



ŠAfroAmerica Network, December  2002.
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