After Losing Ohio, Illinois, and Florida, What Are Bernie Sanders' Chances?

Bernie Sanders, Cornell West, Killer Mike and Nina Turner Faced Clinton's Oiled Political Machine in Southern States

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After losing Ohio, Illinois and Florida, Bernie Sanders chances have been reduced significantly.  The road ahead, once looking promising, has become a daunting task. From now on, if he must win, Bernie Sanders can no longer afford to miss an opportunity. To become a nominee, he would have to  win the remaining delegates by at least 58-42 percent margin. The good news for Bernie Sanders is: the worst appears to be behind him.

 In fact, all along, Bernie Sanders, lacking an organization as oiled as The Clinton's political machine, did not stand a chance in the Southern states, where Black voters dominate and have become loyal to an established candidate. The Clinton's political by being entrenched in Black churches and local politics managed to deny access to Bernie Sanders' rag tag army of volunteers.

Now that the primaries in the South are finished,  the Democratic primaries are heading North, especially in North East  and West, where the electorate is mostly blue-collar white, white-collar leftists, or affluent. These voters may not necessarily like Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders will have to win them over.

Bernie Sanders could win big in the next caucuses  in  Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington and Wyoming and in the primaries in Utah. He has a chance of winning in blue-collar states of Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. However, his main test will come in the states of California, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. These states have left leaning democrats, but at the same time they have a large chunk of affluent and independent voters. If he doesn't win there, California, with its affluent population, most likely will not go to his side. In that case, Hillary would finally  be ready for coronation.