Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein Names Running Mate Ajamu Baraka

Dr Ajamu Baraka, Green Party Jill Stein's Running Mate

US Politics
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US Presidential candidate running under the Green Party banner, Jill Stein, has named her running mate. She picked Ajamu Baraka, a renowned human rights activist and scholar.

A graduate from City University of New York, Dr. Ajamu Baraka has been active in US and international human rights organizations for decades. He is  the founding executive director of the US Human Rights Network and the coordinator of the Black Left Unity Network's Committee on International Affairs. He served on the

board of numerous human rights organizations, including the National Center for Human Rights Education , Amnesty International, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Africa Action. 

He has taught at several academic institutions, including Clark Atlanta University and Spelman College. He has been  an outspoken critic of several politicians, including  President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton,  Cornel West and the Republicans.

In a statement, Jill Stein said that her initial choice was former Ohio state senator, Nina Turner, but that "the fit just wasn't right, as Senator Turner is still committed to try to save the soul of the Democratic Party. While we may not agree on whether that is possible, I respect her passion to fight for the people and wish her the best in her effort.

On Ajamu Baraka, Jill Stein said: 

"Ajamu Baraka is a powerful, eloquent spokesperson for the transformative, radical agenda whose time has come -- an agenda of economic, social, racial, gender, climate, indigenous and immigrant justice. Ajamu's life's work has embodied the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Jill Stein, considered a marginal candidate has seen her poll numbers rise in the last days, as some voters are increasingly unhappy with both the Republican and Democratic party candidates. 

A CNN/ORC poll released on Monday, August 1 2015, before Ajamu Baraka's nomination, found that among registered voters,  Green Party candidate Jill Stein was polling at 5%, Libertarian Gary Johnson at  9%.  Democrat Hillary Clinton at 45%, and Republican Donald Trump has 37% of the vote.