Dilemma After Bernie Sanders' Recent Wins: Bernie or Burst

Bernie Sanders wins may lead to dilemma

US Politics
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The "political revolution" launched by Bernie Sanders has taken the hold of the American political landscape. A series of recent decisive wins in several states has reaffirmed the movement and gained reliable supporters.  Sanders has shown he can win and win big, but still lags in needed delegates to become the Democratic Party Presidential nominee. Hence, his supporters are wondering about the next steps; seriously wondering to the point of rejecting the Democratic Party if he is not the next leader. 

This view from the supporters may threaten the unity of the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton wins. The likelihood of Hillary Clinton winning is high given her lead among pledged party delegates. Bernie Sanders appears to be in the middle of a dilemma. On the one side, faced with the possibility of a Hillary

Clinton win, Bernie Sanders has started to direct his attacks toward the Republican front runner Donald Trump.  On the other side, to appease his supporters,  Bernies Sanders is making the case that he would win the general election against any potential Republican candidate, especially Donald Trump.  His ambivalent positions have raised the possibility of Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton, in case she wins. And that is where Bernie Sanders may face a split within his own camp. A more vocal group of die-hard Sanders supporters has taken to the social media and other media outlets with a motto of “Bernie or Burst,” saying they will never support Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. 

Faced with the potential backlash from Bernie Sanders backers, his senior adviser Tad Devine appears to have been backing away from the possibility of Sanders being Hillary Clinton's running mate. Some have even said that if ever Bernie Sanders joins forces with Hillary Clinton as a running mate, then they will seriously and actively question Sanders's integrity. Some are so turned off by the  possibility of Hillary Clinton being a president that they may forgo their voting right for this term.

The question faced by Bernie Sanders's camp is how to proceed, if the primary do not go their way: join Hillary Clinton, run as an independent or get out politics and wait for the next elections. That is the trilemma  Bernie Sanders and his closest advisers will be struggling with as the primary elections move back towards the prized New York through Wisconsin. Already, Nina Turner, a top advisor of Bernie Sanders, was,  over the week-end in Brooklyn NewYork, rallying people to Bernie Sanders' cause.  A sign that Bernie Sanders backers want the "political revolution" to go on.