2016 US Presidential Race Has Started: Ready for Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton and African Women. Africa, 2013

US Politics
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The US mid-term elections are over. The 2016 US presidential race starts now. The question on the mind of political pundits is who will be  candidates from both the main US political parties: Democrats and Republicans. Whether one looks at the Republican National Committee (RNC) aka Grand Old Party (GOP) or the Democratic National Committee (DNC), few are wasting time celebrating or mourning the 2014 mid-terms successes or losses. 

RNC and DNC Getting Ready for 2016?

The GOP has sent the democrats packing during the mid-term elections. Emboldned GOP leaders did not wait to set the tone on how they

will lead the US legislative chambers for the next two years. But behind the rhetoric, the key question remains: how to make sure the 2016 become the year for each of the parties. For Republicans, if they trade carefully, they could control all the three pillars of the power in the greatest nation of the World: The Presidency, the  US Congress, and ultimately, the Supreme Court. That would be absolute power, and that is why Democrats are freaking out.

But it is not that simple. Democrats have their own plans. Most view mid-terms elections as just a dress rehearsal, that would allow them to adjust their strategical and tactical approaches to the 2016 general elections. For example, are they going to dump their liberals fringes as Republicans did for the extremist Tea Party enthusiasts, when liberal ideas, such as legalizing marihuana, increasing minimum wages, and women empowement,  are winning across the entire United States of America? That is for political pundits on both sides.

Will or Will Not Hillary Run?

For the common people, especially among women, the questions are not that complicated. One of the questions is: is the darling of US women and centrist democrats,  Hillary Clinton,  going to run and win and eventually make History as the first US Woman President?

 The answer to that question has become so urgent given that the 2014 mid-terms have basically been between her and the leading Republican hopeful, New Jersey Governor and GOP governors chair, Chris Christie.  

The competion between the two concluded into mixed results for Hillary Clinton and a clear win for Chris Chistie. During the mid-terms, Hillary Clinton backed 25 candidates: 13 won and 12 lost. Chris Christie backed 14. 14 won. Almost same number of wins on both sides; but the major story is in how many lost.

Hillary is not only a formidable woman, but also woudl be a fearsome candidate.  Republican candidates who would not acknowledge that would do so at their own perils. Perhaps, that is why Rand Paul, during the  victory ceebration, instead of focusing on Mitch McConnell's win  attacked Hillary Clinton, by saying that “Tuesday’s biggest loser is Hillary Clinton"..

Are You Ready For Hillary?

During the mid-term campaign, Hillary Clinton appeared at 45 events,  across the country and remained the most popular figure, wherever she went over the course of the two months leadding to elections. The highlight of her hectic schedule ended in Nashua,  New Hampshire,  on Sunday November 2, at a rally for Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor Maggie Hassan. Both candidates were expected to win, and they did.  The people and the candidates did not even focus on what was going to happen two days later. The screams and chants were: 

"Are you ready for Hillary? Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!".

That, alone, set the tone of the 2016 campaign, if Hillary decides to run and the bets from members and leaders of both political parties are that Hillary will run.