Tony Abbott vs Malcolm Turnbull: Prince Charles Prefers Malcolm

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During his two years as the British leader, Tony Abbott was never given the honor to welcome British Royals. If he wanted to see them, he had to make the trip to the Royal quarters.  His successor, Malcolm Turnbull has shown that he is different. At least in the eyes of the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

In November,  Malcolm  Turnbull, the Republican Prime Minister of United Kingdom will welcome Charles, the Prince of Wales, and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, for a five-day Australian visit.

The closest Tony Abbot got to host  the royals during his prime ministership was  when he met  with Prince Charles were overseas. As a consolation,  Mr Abbott did, however  host Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in April 2014, and Prince Harry. 

 “I look forward to joining their Royal Highnesses to mark Remembrance Day in Canberra in our centenary year of the Anzacs,” Mr Turnbull said in a statement, adding,  “Lucy and I will be delighted to welcome the Prince and Duchess and expect Australians will be eager to display our country’s hospitality to the Royal couple.”