FARDC Launch Military Operations Against FDLR in Buleusa, Walikale

FDLR Soldiers in Buleusa, Walikale

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After weeks of anticipation and suspense, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) government troops FARDC have launched attacks on positions of the FDLR Rwandan rebels in Buleusa, Walikale, North Kivu province, sources in Goma, the capital of North-Kivu have told AfroAmerica Network.

The attacks by FARDC were launched  in the night of Wednesday leading to Thursday morning, January 15, 2015, close to two weeks after the expiration of the deadline of January 2, 2015, for the FDLR rebels to surrender.

Buleusa is a significant post, having served as  a location of two disarmament ceremonies  by the FDLR rebels. According to the sources, the attacks also happened when the FDLR president, General Victor  Byiringiro , was on his way to an appointment in Buleusa with BBC and Al-Jazeera journalists.

The sources also said that FARDC troops have approached FDLR positions in Rutshuru areas. Since late 2014, MONUSCO has been conducting reconnaissance missions in the Rutshuru, Walikale,  and South-Kivu areas where FDLR ares suspected to have positions, and flying helicopters at the lowest altitude.

Meanwhile, disarmed FDLR troops and their dependents in Kisangani have been complaining of mistreatment  by FARDC and other agents in charge of the camp. In a communication to MONUSCO and humanitarian organization, the Rwandan refugees  said that for days, they have only been receiving one meal per day, and that even the ration is too small to constitute a  meal. MONUSCO Head, Martin Kobler, has rejected the accusations on Twitter, affirming that to date, $2 million dollars have been spent on the demobilization of FDLR soldiers and on their dependents.