NCAA 2022 March Madness: Kansas Jayhawks makes history With a victory over UNC Tar Heels

NCAA 2022 Finals: Kansas Jayhawks vs UNC Tar Heels 4-4-2022

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Kansas Jayhawks, the No 1 men's NCAA National Tournament Championships have made history with a 72-69 victory over the No. 8 North Carolina Tar Heels. The game was marked by major surprises, including huge deficits, a historic come back, and a last minute suspense.

     By the halftime, Kansas Jayhawks had a 15-point deficit, deemed the largest in NCAA championship history. In the second halftime, Kansas Jayhawks came back and were able to outsmart the UNC Tar Heels. From a trailing score of 22 - 38 in the first half, they were able to lead with a score 40-25 in the second half.

    At one point in the game, in the second halftime, the UNC Tar Heels were able to come from a 56-50 deficit and tie the game at 57. Just less than two minutes before the end of the game, the UNC Tar Heels were leading with 69-68 points.

   Then, the odds shifted. Kansas Jayhawks managed to score the game's final two baskets. In the last seconds, the UNC Tar Heels got a chance at a last-second 3-pointer, with the possibility to send the game to overtime. Caleb Love was the one who attempted to make the deciding shoot. He missed, due to, according to some baskeball experts, a slip by Brady Manek.


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Caleb Love tried a 3-point shot after taking an inbounds pass from Puff Johnson and dribbling it to the top of the key, while resisting the heavy pressure from Christian Braun. Time was running out. He but had to put up the 3-point shot with time running out. Apparently he was trying to get the ball to Brady Manek, who was to make the final shot. When Brady Manek slipped, Caleb Love made an improvised shoot to just when the game was ending. He missed.

With the victory, Kansas Jayhawks made one the biggest comeback in Final Four history.
They did it, almost replicating the 2001 Final Four record by Duke 22-point comeback against ACC rival University of Maryland.



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Kansas Jayhawks, by overcoming the historic 15-point deficit at halftime, was able to capture its first NCAA Tournament title since 2008. The top scorers and performers in the game were:

  • Kansas Jayhawks:
    • David McCormack: a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds;
    • Jalen Wilson: 15 points;
    • Remy Martin: 14 points in 4-of-6 shootings from deep;
    • Christian Braun: 12 points;
    • Ochai Agbaji: 12 points.
  • UNC Tar Heels:
    • Armando Bacot: 15 points and 15 rebounds;
    • R.J. Davis: 15 points and 12 rebounds;
    • Brady Manek: 13 points and 13 rebounds;
    • Caleb Love: 13 points.

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