Temporary Price Reduction in App Store® for AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartLytics™: Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Investment Research Tools

AroniSmart™: Most Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning and Investment Research Tools built for Mac OS X

Temporay price reductions on Apple's App Store®,  for the latest versions of AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartLytics™.    AroniSmartInvest™ combines advanced Stock Segmentation, Sentiment and Text Analytics and Bayes Network Models and Machine Learning, to advance informed stock market and investment research.

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AroniSmartLytics™,  like AroniSmartInvest™,  is a cutting edge, yet easy to use  advanced analytics  tool. Both are  intuitive,  advanced analytics and machine learning tools, with, transparent to the users, optimized  algoritms on Big Data mining, Unstructured Text Analysis, Sentiment and Emotion Analytics,  Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning and Big Data. AroniSmartInvest™ focuses on Stocks and investment research.


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More on AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartLytics™ (also visit AroniSoft here).

Researchers, Scientists,  Savvy Investors, Engineers, Students, Teachers, Economists, Political Analysts, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Statisticians, and most of  the practitioners use Advanced Analytics to answer questions, to support informed  decision making or to learn.

AroniSmartLytics™ and AroniSmartInvest™ are the indispensable tools to support decision making and learning that require Advanced Analytics. AroniSmartLytics™ and AroniSmartInvest™, beyond leveraging cutting edge capabilities, are self-contained and cost effective tools, in  time, ease of use, access, or price.

The  AroniSmart™ team truly believes that AroniSmartLytics™  and AroniSmartInvest™ are  unique and that savvy investors,  investment reasearchers,  data scientists, or regular users will enjoy leveraging the power of these intuitive, user friendly, yet powerful and rigorous tools to  advance research and informed decision making and to increase their knowledge and productivity.

AroniSmartLytics™, an advanced analytics application, and AroniSmartInvest™, an advanced  investment analytics application , are  the most advanced tools in the AroniSmart™ offering.

They  address the broad needs of the most advanced researchers, business analysts, students, teachers, political analysts, statisticians, data miners, and informed decision makers.

Welcome to AroniSmart™ World of Advanced Analytics, Investment Research, Data Mining,  Bayesian Statistics, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


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