World Refugee Day: A State of Crisis by Women4Good

World Refugee Day: A State of the Crisis


Never has there been a greater need for tolerance, compassion, and solidarity with people who have lost everything.

Never has there been a more important time to advocate for shared responsibility within our own communities and to address the fear and xenophobia that are dividing societies. Humanizing the refugee crisis and telling the individual human story–is one way to tackle that fear and indifference.

Join us on June 20th, World Refugee Day, to hear from organizations who are fighting the good fight to help refugees. This event will feature panelists from Jusoor, PARS Equality Center and the IRC who will share their work, and how you can help.

100% of ticket sale proceeds will be donated to causes supporting refugees.

6:00pm -7:00pm check-in 
7:00pm -7:05pm Welcome note by Zanoon Nissar
7:05pm - 7:10pm Refugee stories
7:10pm - 8pm State of the Crisis panel:

Moderated by: Dena Takruri, Founding Member & Senior Presenter, AJ+

Jenny Raymond, IRC

Nazy Fahimi, Pars Equality Center

Rania Succar, Jusoor

Kemi Bello, ILRC 

Jennifer Kanyamibwa, Slack and AfroAmerica Network


8:00pm-9:00pm Mix & Mingle

About the organizers:

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