Donald Trump, US Presidential Candidate

You may accuse him of other things. What is sure is that he speaks his mind, and his supporters and even the American maintream are liking it. The person is the US Presidential candidate  Donald Trump. When he srtarted, few believed that Donald Trump was serious. Then he had that speech about Mexican immigrants. Subsequently, the polls in his favor shot into the roof.  He has been dominating the Republican landfield to date. 

Initially, only Fox News  and, perhaps, a couple more media  networks  talked about him. Today, Donald Trump has entered the mass media, and

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BB King Singing "The Thrill is Gone"

The legendary guitarist and Blues singer Riley B. King,  known as B.B. King, has died  in Las Vegas on Thursday May 14, 2015 at age 89. Known for his soulful velvety voice and his unique style of blues, he is credited for making Blues one of the mainstream music genres around the World.

The King of the blues, as he was affectueusly known,  was born in Mississippi from where he got the inspiration of what he called "Delta blues roots". His music has influenced a lot of music stars and music genres, including rock, R&B,  pop, and of course blues. Rock, R&B, pop,  and blues

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Marilyn Mosby - Baltimore Chief Prosecutor

They are smart, dedicated, articulate, women, and leaders. The fact that they are also Black may be a coincidence, but also a historical convergence, that augurs the things to come. These four Black women are bound by the death of Freddie Gray, a 25 Black man, while in the custody of the Baltimore police. The death was followed by protests by citizens seeking justice  and violent riots, burning, and looting of Baltimore shops and police cars by angry citizens, mostly young, over yet another young unarmed Black man killed by the Police in the United States.

 The four women are: 

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Feidin Santana who shot the video of cop killing Walter Scott

Officer Michael Slager has been charged with murder in the shooting death of  50-year-old Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina. Michael Slager shot the unarmed black man in back eight times as Scott was running away from him.

The shooting has sparked more national outrage in the United States, as it comes following high profile cases of police shooting and

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