How to Buy or Explore AroniSmart™ Solutions

AroniSmartLytics: Text Analytics

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How to Buy or Explore AroniSmart Products and Solutions:

Get our Advanced Analytics products and Solutions on App Store®: Analytical Investment Research, Applied Statistics, Big Data and Text Analytics, Econometrics, Bayesian Models, and Research Statistics.


Our products are available and may be purchased from:


Demos of the latest major versions of AroniSmartLytics™ and AroniSmartInvest™

For Demo of Applications, please click on the links below to download compressed application packages (OS X version). Please note that demo versions have a limited expiration period:

On a Mac, Control-click on the link and choose “Download Link As…” to save the document to your computer. Uncompress and run the application. Make sure the settings allow running an application downloaded from the Internet.

These are demos with a limited expiration period and may require authorization in the security settings for the applicaton to run.

For the unlimited version, AroniSmartTools">please check Apple App Store at this link or click on Apple Store® banners above.

For more help on the products: