FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions on AroniSmart™ Tools - Update

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 What are the products and solutions offered by AroniSoft LLC?

AroniSoft offers the following products and solutions

  • AroniSmartInvest™:  extensive Investment Solution
  • AroniStatMobile™: Mobile version of AroniStat™ developed for iPad
  • AroniStrategicAnalytics: Decision Making Solutions for business leaders, decision makers, marketing science, market research and business insights
  • AroniSmartLytics™: Advanced Analytics, including Applied Statistics, Machine Learning,  Econometrics, Bayesian Models, Big Data mining, Text Analytics,  and Research Statistics solutions

 What are the stock exchanges available in AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™?

  • AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ may add and load stocks that are listed on the following stock exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and some OTC (OTC BB).

Does AroniSmartInvest™ team offer financial advice to AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ users?

  • Although AroniSoft LLC relies on AroniSmartInvest ™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ for its internal investment needs, we do not provide financial advising or any advice on the decision to make about the findings from using our products. Users are advised to consult their financial or other advisers before making investment decisions or other business and private business decisions.

How to refresh data with the latest stock information?

  • AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ does not refresh its database automatically. To refresh the data, push the button “Refresh Stock Data.” for AroniSmartInvestMobile or ” Web Refresh Stock Data” on AroniSmartInvest™. Access to Internet is required and refreshing the stock data may take a few minutes.

How to use the segmentation module of AroniSmartInvest™?

  • To refresh the Segments database, AroniSmartInvest™, the Mac OS X version is required. Segmentation analysis requires AroniSoft LLC proprietary sophisticated stock segmentation models developed for Mac OS X. Once the segmentation is done, the user may export the results and update the segments in AroniSmartInvestMobile™.
  • Although AroniSoft stock segmentation models are very powerful, AroniSmartInvest™ presents the user with an easy to use, friendly interface to perform the segmentation. Hence, the sophistication and complexity of the models are transparent to (hidden from) the user.
  • To run the segmentation on the latest stock market data, requires refreshing data before running the segmentation.
  • The users choose the number of segments, they may interpret. AroniSmartInvest™ groups the segments based on multiple variables and the proprietary AroniSoft LLC algorithm. The segments shown in Selected Stock Segments are stocks that AroniSmartInvest™ finds promising on the short term basis. The charts on the right shows the profile of each segment. For example the user may find that the stocks in Segment -1 may have very high 52 week average, 200 Moving Average, high Previous day close, and high 50 day moving average based on the Segment Values and Moving Average chart, and then find also that the segment have high earning per share, average EPS this year, and average PEG Ratio based on the chart Segments Ratio Metric Value. Based on the user’s own investment preferences, the user may focus on one segment vs. the others.
  • To see what the bars in the chart mean, select a bar and see the legend under “Click the Chart to View” the legend.

How do AroniSmartInvest™  rank segments?

  • AroniSmartInvest™ do not rank the segments because users have different investment preferences.
  • The Segmentation only allows to set the number of segments. A number of segments that allows easy interpretation is recommended, preferably 5 segments or less.
  • AroniSmartInvest investor needs also to select the covariance structure, t control for market volatility. If the users are not familiar with statistical or data mining techniques, especially advanced segmentation techniques, they may set to equal covariance or unequal covariance.

Does AroniSmartInvest team offer advice on what segment to focus on?

  • AroniSmartInvest investors, based on their own needs, choose when to segment, what data to use(depending on the last Stock data refresh), and how many segments to analyze.

How to use the Market Profile Section of AroniSmartInvest™?

Go to Market Profile section.
Enter a ticker symbol of the stock to profile in Ticker Symbol field (or Choose Stock for AroniSmartInvest Mobile).

  • For AroniSmartInvest, the company name shows in the Company field.
    Then select the time frame, either in Start Date and End Date, or use the slider (3 months, 6 months, etc.). To get daily history, check Daily check mark. After selecting the stock and the time frame, click Load History.
    To analyze the Market profile, click on Market Profile. A window showing the Market profile analysis of the stock is displayed.
  • For AroniSmartInvestMobile, the company name shows in the menu.
    Then select the time frame, either in Pick Start Date or use the buttons (3 months, 6 months, etc.). To get daily history, check Daily Quote. After selecting the stock and the time frame, click Get History.
    To analyze the Market profile, click on Market Profile. The Market profile analysis of the stock is displayed.

It is assumed the user is familiar with the market profile analysis.

How to use the Portfolio Anaysis section of AroniSmartInvest™?

  • AroniSmartInvest™: After creating the portfolio name, enter the stocks within the portfolio, along with the quantity of shares owned in Stock Qty, the price paid per share in Stock Price and Market Value (either the previous day close or Last Price. Click Enter (Return) key after entering information in each field to save the data in the database.
    The user has been left with the choice to enter Market Value, as some users want to use Previous day close, while others prefer Last price. After adding the stock in a portfolio, click on the stock name in Portfolio name table or stock table to update the percentages.
  • AroniSmartInvestMobile™: To create the portfolio, click + on the top right corner,
    Then enter Portfolio Name and the type. Click Done button. Click on the portfolio name. Click in the text field and start entering the stock name or symbol. Enter the stock name from the menu in the text field and click the + button in the top right corner.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe to RSS?

  • Using RSS capabilities requires subscribing to the RSS of interest. Internet access is required.

For example, to subscribe to CNN Money RSS, http://rss.cnn.com/rss/money_markets.rss.

Why are web and RSS browsers small?

  • AroniSmartInvest and AroniSmartInvestMobile do not seek to replace the existing browsers. The aim is to provide the savvy AroniSmartInvest investor with quick relevant information to make informed decisions.

What is the difference between AroniSmartLytics and other legacy AroniSmart analytics tools?

AroniSmartLytics™ combines the capabilities of the previous AroniSmart™ analytics tools, including AroniStat™, AroniSmartStat™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™, into one, user-friendly, and yet cutting-edge analytical interface and engine. AroniSmartLytics™ covers applied statistics for research especially:

  • Parametric and Non parametric statistical tests;
  • Regression Analysis, including hierarchical mixed effects and generalized linear models;
  • Econometrics;
  • Mixture models used in Segmentation, Clustering and Discriminant Analysis;
  • Bayesian Statistics;
  • Data Mining;
  • Bayesian Statistics;
  • Text and Sentiment Analytics and;
  • Big Data Mining capabilities.

That is, AroniSmartIntelligence™ has ALL the capabilities of all the legacy analytical tools and adds more advanced and cutting edges modules in lign with industry trends and advances in analytical methodologies.

How do I load data into AroniSmartLytics?

From the top of the module, open the dataset may be opened or explored. Two data formats are available: the proprietary “Aroni” and Text or CSV. Two data formats are allowed: CSV and Aroni. The data is loaded from the folders selected by clicking the Aroni Format or Text CSV button. If a dataset in Text and CSV format has a header, make sure the “Has Header” checkbox is selected.

What are the requirements a dataset in CSV format?

CSV dataset must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a text file in comma separated vector(csv) format.
  • Only numerical variables are available for further analysis. Hence, class or categorical variables, in string or other format, need to be transformed into numerical coding if they will be used in further analysis.
  • Preferably one column must be an identifier and labeled Observation or Identifier. If the Observation or Identifier column is missing, the system assigns a default observation column, with default observation numbers.
  • Empty or missing values are expected to be replaced by a period “.” in the data set test file and in table viewer, although non consecutive blanks are also acceptable.
  • The first column must be a header column. Otherwise, unselect the check box “Column With Headers” to assign default Column headers. Follow the steps to open the file. The file is loaded in the table in the middle left , each column corresponding to a variable, with Observation as the first variable.

What are the requirements of a dataset in Aroni format?

Aroni dataset format must be as follows:

Aroni formatted data has three sections:

  • An option comments section at the top. The comments lines must start with /*, *, */, % or //
  • The next section, which is required, is the declaration section. That is where the attributes of the data and the variables are defined.
  • The third section is the data section. This is where the data, in columns is entered. Columns may be whitespace or comma separated.

For More, please refer to AroniSmartLytics User's Manual

How can I perform Logistic Regression with AroniSmartLytics?

  • AroniSmartLytics has three modules for performing Logistic Regression: Regression Analysis, Econometrics Models, and Bayesian Models
  • Before performing Logistic Regression, the dataset must be in Aroni format. Refer to the manual on how to create a dataset into Aroni format. Use the Descriptive Analysis module for opening, cleaning, transforming, and discretizing the data set
  • Opening the dataset: Step 1: Launch AroniSmartIntelligence and go to Descriptive Analysis module; Step2: Click on "Aroni Format" button to open a dataset in "Aroni" format. (please make sure the data is in Aroni format, otherwise it will not work). If it is in csv format, you may click "Process Text Files" to start and then review the dataset to make sure it meets the requirements;
  • Regression Analysis: go to Regression Analysis module-> Select a Model and then Logistic Regression. Make sure you choose a dependent variable and independent variables and you set appropriate options
  • Econometrics Models: go to Regression Analysis module-> Select a Model and then Econometrics Model. A window opens up that allows to select a specific Econometrics model. Make sure to choose Logistic Regression model, along with a dependent variable and independent variables and to select appropriate options
  • Bayesian Models: go to Bayesian Models module->Choose Bayesian Model and then Bayesian Logistic Regression or other relevant Bayesian Models.

Is AroniSmartLytics a Machine Learning Tool?

  • AroniSmartLytics is a Machine Learning with both supervised and unsupervised capabilities
  • Machine Learning algorithms are implemented in AroniSmartLytics and AroniSmartInvest to support decision making, based on the specific business questions

How is AroniSmartLytics used with Big Data?

  • AroniSmartLytics has two modules for Big Data: Descriptive Analysis, and Bayesian Models
  • Descriptive Analysis module is for opening, cleaning, transforming, and discretizing data
  • Descriptive Analysis module provides access to Text Analytics and Big Data Mining
  • Text Analysis offers multiple text mining analysis models on unstructured and structured text data sets. These include String to Word, Naive Bayes Multinomial, Sentiment Analytics, and many more. BigData Mining offers map and reduce capabilities
  • Bayesian Models module is dedicated to Bayesian Network modeling. Bayesian Modeling involves choosing Bayesian models, Bayesian estimators, and Bayesian search algorithms

AroniSmartLytics Tutorial

AroniSmartInvest Tutorial

What else?

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority

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