Kizito Mihigo Arrest in April 2014

KizitoMihigo Feb13 2020 640 360There is no such a thing as “good death”. Be it by genocide or war. Slaughtered in revenge killings. Perished in a accident or died from illness. The dead loved ones, wherever they are, are praying for us. There is no worst thing than death. Even though Genocide made me an orphan. But it cannot make me lose empathy for others. They also suffered from crimes, not qualified as genocide. Those brothers and sisters are, too, humans. I pray for them.  Those brothers and sisters are, too, humans. I remember them.

These are some of the lyrics that landed the Rwandan renowned gospel and soul musician Kizito Mihigo into jail in 2014. On February 17, 2020, The Rwandan Government sent out a press release, anouncing the death of Kizito Mihigo during his detention. The cause of death, according to Rwandan authorities, was suicide. However, independent observers,  family members and social media alleged that Kiziti Mihigo was killed by Rwandan security operatives, during his interogation and torture. The  graphic pictures of his body and wounds, appear to confirm the story of assassination and torture. 

Photo: Kizito Mihigo detained, while trying to flee to Burundi in early Feb 2020.

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Felix Tshisekedi, Yvonne Makolo, Col Kalibata in Kinshasa, Vital Kamerhe with Paul Kagame in Kigali, March 2019

Sources close to the new president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),  Felix Tshisekedi,  have told AfroAmerica Network that his closest aides have increased their warnings against his collaboration with the Rwandan regime and his actions and statements that may be viewed by the Congolese people as signs of treason against the country and its institutions. The aides have built on increasing statements and open condemnations by various local, church, and national leaders of his invitation of Rwandan troops to conduct military operations in Kivu and Maniema provinces  and the potential risks of the balkanization of the DRC.

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Robert Mugabe at a graduation ceremony, Nov 17, 2017

Robert Mugabe, a praised African hero for his successful struggle to liberate Zimbabwe from tyranny has died. He had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April 2019.  His death, at age 95, marks the end of an era in Zimbabwe and in Africa.

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Alaa Salah, Kandaka or Nubian Queen, leading protests in Sudan, in April 2019

Sudan dictator Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir has been deposed. He was featured among AfroAmerica Network African ruthless dictators of 2018 (see AfroAmerica Network African Dictators Who Mattered In 2018: Congolese Joseph Kabila, Rwandan Paul Kagame, Ugandan Yoweri Museveni of Dec 27, 2018). Women played a major role in deposing one of the most feared and entrenched African dictators.

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