During his two years as the British leader, Tony Abbott was never given the honor to welcome British Royals. If he wanted to see them, he had to make the trip to the Royal quarters.  His successor, Malcolm Turnbull has shown that he is different. At least in the eyes of the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Congolese and Rwandan defense ministers met in Kigali on September 24, 2015,  to renew a Secret Accord signed in 2009, sources close to the DRC Minister of Defense have told AfroAmerica Network.  Congolese minister Aime Ngoy Mukena and Rwandan minister James Kabarebe met in the Rwandan capital Kigali,  to, according to official statements, work toward a rapprochement.

The two countries' diplomatic relationship has been especially strained since

 Denis Sassou Nguesso, the dictator of the Republic of Congo has ordered today,   Tuesday  September  22, 2015,   a referendum on changes to the constitution, to allow him to run for a third term in office in elections to be held in 2016. The third term is expressly forbidden by the Constitution of the Republic of Congo.

Photo: Sassou Nguesso, Joseph Kabila, and Paul Kagame: Seeking to change the constitutions of the countries to remain in power.

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